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Electrotechnology is a fundamental part of our everyday lives, and if you are interested in working in a high-tech industry, an Electrotechnology qualification is the course for you!

Undertaking a course in Electrotechnology will cover all aspects of electrical, electronic, instrumentation and communication technologies. Working in this industry may lead to a specialised job doing anything from light and power, to designing and installing new hardware platforms, conducting networking and automation, operating virtual enterprises and/or working with the internet and fibre-optics.

Electrotechnology has an incredible future, and as the world relies increasingly on modern technology, demand for people to work in this dynamic industry will continue to grow.

There are plenty of highly-paid, cutting-edge jobs out there in a diverse range of industry areas… the tricky bit will be deciding on the one that suits you best!

Training to become an Electrician – To gain entry into UEE30811 Certificate III in Electrotechnology – Electrician,  candidates are required to be apprentices who have entered into a Training Contract with an Apprenticeship Network Provider.

Training for Instrumentation and Control – To gain entry into UEE31211 Certificate III in Instrumentation and Control, candidates are required to be apprentices who have entered into a Training Contract with an Apprenticeship Network Provider.

Readiness Assessment –  What is a Readiness Assessment
The Readiness Assessment (RA) is a national electrical industry specific aptitude test designed to assess the potential of aspiring electrical apprentices, covering 15 areas of numeracy and literacy required to be successful in an electrical apprenticeship.

Continuous Professional Development (CDP) requirements are mandatory for the electrical trade.

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“The course has been great as we are always doing something different and you get to meet new people. The teachers are awesome… they really know their stuff.” – Jeremy, Certificate III in Electrotechnology

Electrotechnology – Jeremy

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