Are you inspired by technology? Looking for opportunity? Want to be on the cutting edge?

Training in electrotechnology can set you on a path to an incredible future. As the world relies more and more on modern technology, the demand for skilled workers in this dynamic industry will only continue to grow.

The training we provide is not only for people looking to enter the electrotechnology industry, but also for those electrotechnology workers who are looking to increase their skills and knowledge.

Courses in electrotechnology cover a wide range of electrical, instrumentation, control and communication technologies. This industry offers many highly paid, specialised roles including jobs installing and maintaining light and power, designing and installing new hardware platforms, conducting networking and automation, and working with the internet and fibre-optics. The tricky bit will be deciding on the pathway that suits you best.

For current electrotechnology workers, we can help with courses and training products to further your career. For licenced electricians, we have courses which attract Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points. We can help you move into self employment with the Nominated Managers (Electrical Contracting) course. We also have courses in specialised areas such as PLC and testing and verification.

If you’re interested in becoming an electrician, or seeking training in instrumentation and control, an apprenticeship may be for you. As the building, construction and tourism industries continue to go from strength to strength in Tasmania, electricians remain in demand to install, maintain and repair residential and commercial properties.

Some courses in electrotechnology require students to undertake a Readiness Assessment (RA). This is a national electrical industry aptitude test designed to assess the potential of aspiring electrical apprentices. It covers 15 areas of numeracy and literacy and will help you decide if you’re ready to start an electrical apprenticeship.

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“The course has been great as we are always doing something different and you get to meet new people. The teachers are awesome… they really know their stuff.” – Jeremy, Certificate III in Electrotechnology

Electrotechnology – Jeremy

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