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Certificate IV in Plumbing and Services


  • Alanvale
  • Clarence

Attendance options

  • Part-time

Study type

  • Mixed Learning

Tuition Fees

Please note: The course overview is intended as a guide only. Not all courses are available at all locations or through all study types and attendance options. Please check Locations, Dates and Times below or enquire for further information.

Advance your career in the plumbing sector by enrolling in this specialised full-qualification licensing pathway for future Plumbing industry leaders.

The course is designed to give you the skills you need to become a Plumbing Contractor or Certified Licenced Supervisor who can officially sign-off or certify a range of prescribed plumbing work.

The Tasmanian Plumbing industry needs future industry leaders with the skills, knowledge and licensing required to operate in a highly competitive environment. To satisfy this demand and Tasmanian Occupational Licensing requirements, TasTAFE is offering the full CPC40920 – Certificate IV in Plumbing and Services qualification to qualified Plumbers wishing to become Plumbing Contractors or Certified Licensed Supervisors.

In this course, you will focus on common core licensing units consisting of reading and interpreting plans and specifications and how to effectively estimate and cost work, as well as identifying hazards, assessing work health and safety risks and carrying out work-based risk control processes.

You’ll also have the opportunity to choose units that match your licensing needs – whether it be roof, sanitary, water, gas or drainage licensing. The flexible delivery of this training will allow you to attend both day and evening classes – depending on the units undertaken.

On successful completion of this course, you will be qualified to sign-off and certify a range of prescribed plumbing work.

Locations, dates & times

CampusDateAttendance/DurationStudy type
Claremont30 May 2022 -
31 Dec 2023

Two year course with mixed learning modes including block training and night sessions.

Mixed LearningApply now

Career opportunities

  • Plumbing Contractor and Licensed Certifier
  • Hydraulic Services Designer
  • Certified Licensed Supervisor

Career opportunities

  • Plumbing Contractor and Licensed Certifier
  • Hydraulic Services Designer
  • Certified Licensed Supervisor

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