About us

Reimagining TasTAFE - A 10 year strategic plan

Our 10 Year Strategic Plan puts the learner at the centre, it recognises that if our learners succeed, everyone benefits.

In essence, the Plan has three main purposes:

  • To create greater access to our training – geographically and socio-economically
  • To improve outcomes for our learners
  • To increase participation in our training.

TasTAFE is a not-for-profit government business that operates under the TasTAFE (Skills and Training Business) Act 2021.

It is the largest public provider of vocational education and training in Tasmania and is governed by a Board consisting of up to seven members appointed by the Minister for Skills, Training and Workforce Growth.

Our vision

We strive for learner success by being a leading education and training provider. One that is contemporary in its delivery, closely connected to industry and reflective of our community’s diversity.

Our mission

As Tasmania’s publicly owned training provider we provide access to vocational educational and training that builds success for learners and strengthens our industries and communities by:

  • Providing an enriching learning experience that promotes pathways to employment and further study through accessible and innovative learning.
  • Delivering a modern and fresh approach to how, when and where learning can occur.
  • Building workforce and community capability through collaboration and engagement.
  • Creating fit for purpose, inclusive and technology rich training facilities.

Each year we have around 20,000 enrolments, including more than 6,000 apprentices, with trade apprentice numbers continuing to grow. We offer 172 nationally accredited and industry-endorsed qualifications ranging from Certificate I to Advanced Diploma level, as well as short courses and skill sets across more than 30 industry areas.

We want TasTAFE not only to respond to change but lead the way. We are raising our ambitions to meet new and evolving expectations, where TasTAFE can be a place of innovation creating new ways of training, finding solutions, delivering differently and increasing access for all.

TasTAFE has an ongoing commitment to meet Tasmanian community expectations and the needs of all our learners and offers a range of flexible study options and support services.

We believe very strongly in our values and strive to deliver training that prepares our learners to take up employment for the first time, gain a promotion or change careers. We are committed to meeting industry demands and enabling Tasmanians to gain the skills and qualifications they need for the state’s workforce and the community to succeed and prosper.