Are you ready to study?

If you are new to study, or if it’s been a while since you were at school or undertook any kind of training, beginning a course at TasTAFE might be a little daunting.

But don’t worry!

We’ve put together a checklist that covers some of the important things you need to consider – or know – before you start your training with TasTAFE.

If you find there are things on the checklist you would like more information about, or if you need to talk to someone about any of these things, give us a call on 1300 655 307 and make an appointment to see a Student Counsellor. They will be happy to talk through what you need to do to get prepared, and can provide advice on the types of support services that are available through TasTAFE to help you get your qualification.

Things to consider

  • I know how I will get to and from campus.
  • I know how much parking or transport will cost to get to and from campus.
  • I have arranged child care for the days I am expected to be in class/placement.
  • I have completed a child care subsidy application through the Student Counsellors.
  • I have informed Centrelink I am studying and have provided them with a proof of enrolment form (recipients of Centrelink only).
  • I understand it is my responsibility to advise Centrelink if I withdraw from a course, or if my hours of study change (recipients of Centrelink only).
  • I have discussed beginning/returning to study with my support network.
  • I know where Student Support are and how to make an appointment.


  • I have my Unique Student Identifier.
  • I know where I need to be on the first day of the course.
  • I know the date and time I start the course.
  • I know the date I am due to finish the course.
  • I know the days and times I am expected to be on campus.
  • I know what the process is if I am unable to attend class.
  • I manage a disability/medical condition and know how to make an appointment to see the Disability Liaison Officer if required.
  • I am an international student and I know how to make an appointment with the International Student Advisor.
  • I have read and understand the TasTAFE Student Code of Conduct.
  • I have read and understand my rights and responsibilities as a TasTAFE student.
  • I know where and when the drop in study support session/s are.

Fees and payments

  • I know how much my fees are and my options of how to pay.
  • I understand I will not be eligible for a refund if I withdraw after undertaking 20% of the course, or after having completed a unit.
  • My sponsor has completed the sponsorship authorisation form and sent it to TasTAFE to pay my fees (leave blank if you do not have a sponsor).
  • I have set up Centrepay to pay off my fees (recipients of Centrelink only).
  • I have set up an achievable payment plan.
  • I have made an appointment to see a Student Counsellor as I don’t know how I can pay my fees.
  • I understand the information about VET Student Loans (including the census dates) and have completed the relevant forms (Diploma and Advanced Diploma students only).
  • I understand my fees need to be paid before I can get my qualification.
  • I understand that if I don’t pay my fees and ignore letters from TasTAFE then my fees will be sent to the Tasmanian Collection Service.

Explore TasTAFE

The Explore TasTAFE page is also a handy resource to help you start your education and training journey at TasTAFE.

It provides a snapshot of important information about your responsibilities as a student, as well as the types of services and support that is available to help you achieve your goals, as well as things like assessment and results and financial assistance.

Helpful links

The following sites are also useful for helping you to get ready to study, what’s going on in the job market right now, or planning your future career:

  • myskills is an Australian Government initiative that provides current, straightforward, independent and trustworthy information about training providers and courses, as well as information about industry groups and occupations.
  • These general industry-based literacy and numeracy quizzes will give you an idea of the level of literacy and numeracy you’d need to undertake an Australian Apprenticeship qualification. (It’s also handy as a general guide for literacy and numeracy standards, even if you don’t want to be an apprentice).
  • Your guide to Australian careers, Job Outlook can help you make decisions about study and training, your first job, or the next step in your career, offering career profiles, and information about the future outlook, pay, main tasks, and physical and other demands of careers that might interest you.