Financial support and assistance

If you are experiencing financial difficulties that have the potential to prevent you from pursuing your study plans at TasTAFE, please make an appointment to speak with a Student Counsellor, Aboriginal Support Officer or International Student Advisor to discuss your options.

These student support staff are available in each region and can provide general information and advice in relation to financial hardship and what support might be available to you as a TasTAFE student. This may include:

  • payment plans – available to eligible students at all course levels
  • VET Student Loans – available to eligible students studying at Diploma/Advanced Diploma level
  • scholarships – in partnership with industry/local government/community groups, TasTAFE offers a range of scholarships
  • childcare subsidies – available for eligible students on completing application and making an appointment with a Student Counsellor
  • financial assistance – available for eligible students

To make an appointment, please book online, phone us on 1300 655 307, or drop into your closest Client Services office, and ask to speak with a Student Counsellor, Aboriginal Support Officer or International Student Advisor. Appointments are available face-to-face or over the phone if getting to campus is not an option.

Childcare subsidy

A childcare subsidy may be available to TasTAFE students who require childcare to attend course-related activities.

The following guidelines apply:

  • Students are responsible for making their own childcare arrangements.  TasTAFE is not responsible for the safety or welfare of child(ren) in the nominated childcare service.
  • The subsidy may be paid to TasTAFE students, whose children require care, during scheduled on campus or online classes/study and/or work placement or industry visits.
  • The subsidy is not means tested.
  • The subsidy applies only to out-of-pocket costs.  This is the amount paid by the student, after Australian government Childcare Subsidy and Transition to Work (where applicable) has been calculated and subtracted.  Where approval of Transition to Work entitlement occurs after date of signing this form, the student must advise TasTAFE, as an adjustment of the maximum amount approved will then be required.
  • The subsidy paid will be up to 25% of the cost incurred for childcare and is capped at $400 per year, per applicant.
  • Application approval will take the form of a letter, detailing the maximum amount the student is entitled to claim.
  • Funds will be reimbursed after the TasTAFE Childcare Subsidy Attendance/Claim form has been completed, signed by the student’s teacher or Education Manager and receipts for childcare fees have been provided.

Please apply for the TasTAFE Childcare Subsidy at the commencement of your course by making an appointment with a Student Counsellor and submitting a child care subsidy application online or completing it at your appointment.

Note– funds available for the Child Care Subsidy are limited and subsidy approval is subject to available funds at the time of application, and your application being approved.