Code of conduct

TasTAFE’s Student Code of Conduct is based around the principles of safety, fairness, respect and legality.

All members of the TasTAFE community, including visitors to TasTAFE sites, can expect an environment and interactions that are:

  • safe and healthy – everyone feels physically, psychologically and emotionally safe. Workplace Health and Safety legislation and standards are met, and everyone works to the specific requirements of the learning area they are in.
  • respectful and considerate – people treat each other with respect. No-one faces intimidation, aggression or violence.  Everyone around you is free to participate in their learning or work activities. Diversity is embraced.
  • fair and equitable – everyone is treated fairly. There is no harassment, bullying or intimidation. Everyone can access the TasTAFE experience, and no-one faces disadvantage or discrimination.
  • honest and legal – everyone acts lawfully at all times, in line with Workplace Health and Safety legislation and the TasTAFE By-Laws 2014. TasTAFE Policies and procedures are followed by all.

As part of the broader TasTAFE community, all students, teachers and other staff have a role to play to ensure everyone has a welcoming, healthy and equitable learning environment.

Your teacher will discuss the TasTAFE Code of Conduct with you and your fellow students at the beginning of your course of study. At this time, everyone will also have the opportunity to agree on specific class or group rules. These rules and the Code of Conduct will be your guide to contributing to a safe, fair, respectful and lawful learning experience for all while you are at TasTAFE.