Recognition and credit transfer

The world of work is changing. People are no longer in one job for life, and it’s estimated that Generation Y’s (those of you born between 1980 and 1994) will have at least 10 jobs in your lifetime.

Multiple jobs means that you’ll no longer need just one set of skills for the duration of your working life, instead, you’ll need to be more innovative and flexible to adapt to the changing needs of the workforce, and the way you think about education and training.

You’ll most likely build your career, skills and knowledge by coming in and out of training or study as you need to – not just once, but many times throughout your life.

It also means that over the years you’ll gain a broad range of experience, skills, knowledge and qualifications that will help you on your life-long education and training journey. These include vocational and university qualifications, work experience, volunteering and other work-related skills you may have picked up through hobbies or sporting commitments.

No matter where you are on your career journey, TasTAFE can provide you with formal recognition for the things you already know, and the qualifications and skill sets you need to make the transition between different jobs, and build a diverse and varied career.

If you are interested in university, you may be able to gain credit for vocational outcomes earned at TasTAFE – which can lead to a quicker pathway to completing your degree and entering the workforce. Or, you may have already completed a university degree, but find that you need to gain more practical skill sets to increase your employability, or gain an advantage in the job market.

Our staff will work with you to link your prior learning and skills to your formal training with TasTAFE, and provide you with assistance in getting formal recognition or credit transfer (where appropriate) so that you can achieve your careers goals more quickly, and with less fuss.

Recognition of prior learning and skills

At TasTAFE we believe that the things you already know how to do should be formally recognised. Whether it be a hobby, the work you currently do, a volunteer role, or even a family or sporting club commitment – over the course of your life you’ll have gathered a wide range of skills, knowledge and experiences that can help you get qualified faster!

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Credit transfer

If you have completed any vocational education and training in the past, you may be eligible to receive a credit transfer for specific units, which means that if you have previously completed a unit in the course you are enrolling in – and the unit has not been significantly changed since you earned it – you may be able to have it directly recognised rather than having to complete it again.

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Links to university

If you’re considering using your TasTAFE qualification to gain entry into university, you may be interested to find that many Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses at TasTAFE offer credit transfer arrangements with the University of Tasmania. Completing both a Diploma/Advanced Diploma and a Bachelor qualification may provide you with an advantage in the current job market.

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