Links to university

At TasTAFE, we understand the benefit of planning ahead for your future.

When you enrol, you may know exactly which career path you would like to follow and which study pathway you need to take to achieve your long term career goals.

If you’re considering using your TasTAFE qualification to gain entry into university, you may be interested to find that many Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses at TasTAFE offer credit transfer arrangements with University of Tasmania degree courses.

Studying a qualification that provides credit transfer at university level offers several benefits, including:

  • the opportunity to gain valuable skills and workplace training
  • tuition fees that provide an affordable alternative to a full university degree
  • practical work experience and skills – a TasTAFE Diploma will provide you with the workplace skills and training that employers are seeking right now
  • more diverse job opportunities – if you complete both a Diploma/Advanced Diploma and an Associate Degree/Bachelor qualification, you may have an advantage in the job market.

Linkages between university and TasTAFE go both ways, so you might also find that on completion of your university degree, you need to gain some practical, hands-on training at TasTAFE.

Some of these arrangements, known as articulation arrangements, are formal while others happen more naturally, and occur across a wide range of industry areas including Nursing, Engineering, Laboratory Operations (Science), Information Technology and Education.

So don’t be shy – talk to us today about what links may be available for your area study or career goals, and get the skills you need for the job you want!