Credit transfer

If you have completed any vocational education and training in the past, you may be eligible to receive a credit transfer for specific units.

This means that if you have previously completed a unit in the course you are enrolling in – and the unit has not been significantly changed since you earned it – you may be able to have it directly recognised rather than having to complete it again.

If you believe this is the case for you, please let your teacher know at enrolment. They will ask you to provide evidence of the unit/s by showing them a record of your results or you can let them know which course you believe it was in, if you completed the unit at TasTAFE.

Your teacher will inform you of any credit transfers you are entitled to.

For TasTAFE’s international students studying a CRICOS registered product,  credit transfer applies only to units completed in Australia. Your teacher will inform you of any credit transfers you are entitled to. A fee reduction does not apply if credit transfer is applicable.

Links to university

Did you know that many of our Diploma and Advanced Diploma qualifications provide credit into University of Tasmania (UTAS) degree courses? If you complete both a Diploma/Advanced Diploma and an Associate Degree/Bachelor qualification, you may have an advantage in the job market…

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Get qualified faster! Our staff will work with you to link your prior learning and skills to your formal training with TasTAFE, and provide you with assistance in getting formal recognition, if appropriate.

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