Whether you’re undertaking a course to fill a skill gap, embarking on an apprenticeship, or have a longer-term plan to reach Certificate or Diploma level, TasTAFE is here to help you achieve your training and career goals.

We’re open all year-round, with courses starting at different times throughout the year so you can access the kind of learning you need, when you need it.

With flexible and online delivery options, as well as some evening classes, you can find a course that fits your learning around your work, family and other commitments.

To get the most out of your time at TasTAFE, make sure you are aware of semester start and finish dates, your rights and responsibilities as a TasTAFE students, and familiarise yourself with key information about assessment and results and how to provide feedback/or make a complaint.

Semester dates

Find out the semester dates for this year and next year.

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Assessment and results

Assessments are designed to help you demonstrate the skills and knowledge you learn in your course and are an essential part of your training.

Find out more about assessment methods, guidelines and appeals, as well as how to avoid academic misconduct.

Rights and responsibilities

As a TasTAFE student, it is important that you understand there are expectations guiding your behaviour and academic standards that apply to your studies.

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TasTAFE Code of Conduct

TasTAFE’s Code of Conduct is based around the principles of safety, fairness, respect and legality. All students, teachers and other staff have a role to play to ensure everyone has a welcoming, healthy and equitable learning environment.

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Feedback and complaints

We value your feedback, so whether it’s to comment on a positive experience, highlight areas for improvement, or to raise specific concerns you would like addressed, please let us know how we can improve our service to you.

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