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Tutor Adult Literacy Learners (TALL) - Get the confidence and skills you need to become an Adult Literacy Tutor.

This online skill set is designed to give you the skills you need to become an Adult Literacy Tutor – and is FREE for Tasmanian residents! For non-Tasmanian residents, the course will cost $548 and an additional $1805 to undertake the assessments. More information further on.

In this course, you will explore contemporary theory on how adults learn, as well as the barriers that make it difficult for some people. You’ll learn how to identify individual needs, and how to plan and monitor learning activities to suit those needs, as well as how to support people to achieve their literacy and numeracy goals.

You will explore reading, writing, spelling and maths in adult contexts and be exposed to a range of strategies and resources that are useful to support learners to build their literacy and numeracy skills, including adaptive technologies that can support learners with challenges. Throughout the course, you will also look at how to work effectively within organisations, including WHS, policies and procedures, teamwork and communication.

To do well in this course, you will need to have sound digital literacy skills and an appropriate level of language, literacy, numeracy, oral communication and learning skills to a minimum of Australian Core Skills Framework Level 3. This course is delivered in the online environment over a period of ten weeks and includes contemporary readings, videos, podcasts, websites, discussion boards and webinars. It is a highly interactive course where you can expect to spend up to ten hours per week studying, as well as connecting, sharing thoughts and exploring ideas with your teacher and fellow students. Following the ten-week course, you will be given an additional ten weeks to complete the assessment. Ideally you will have a mentor with language, literacy and numeracy expertise and ‘learners’ to work with, however, role play scenarios are available if needed – and our TasTAFE teachers can play the role of the mentor, if required.

On successful completion of this course, you will receive a Statement of Attainment for the units successfully completed and be equipped with the skills you need to start tutoring adults in a wide range of businesses, organisations and in the community. If you do not wish to be officially assessed, you can complete four quizzes and planning tasks for an adult learner to obtain a Statement of Attendance.

This course will teach you how to become a tutor and support an individual’s literacy and numeracy development. If you need help to improve your own literacy and numeracy skills, please check out the following courses:

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SHORT COURSE - Understand Adult Tutoring

If you’d prefer to do a non-accredited short course you may like to start your learning about adult tutoring by completing Understanding Adult Tutoring.

Locations, dates & times

CampusDateAttendance/DurationStudy typeApply/Enquire
Online22 Jul 2024 -
6 Dec 2024
Short course

Online - Non-Tasmanian residents only (fees apply)

OnlineApply now
Online22 Jul 2024 -
6 Dec 2024
Short course

Online - Tasmanian residents only (fee free)


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