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Get the skills you need to succeed in higher-level vocational or university studies, and broaden your career options.

This nationally accredited course is designed to teach you the skills you need to succeed in higher-level vocational or university education studies. This course also gives you the opportunity to gain 36 Level 2 TCE (Tasmanian Certificate of Education) credit points upon completion of the full certificate. Completing this course will also allow you to meet the minimum educational requirements of Year 10 English and Mathematics for the Australian Defence Force.

The Certificate II in General Education for Adults is a rigorous and demanding course. It will teach you valuable skills but requires sustained commitment and motivation. It will challenge you to develop English, maths, critical thinking and learning skills at a higher level.

If you need to develop or build your skills before entering this course, we have preparatory courses in General Education and Career Preparation that will get you there. You will improve your skills at reading, analysing and writing a range of complex texts – including academic writing, such as reports, as well as writing for personal purposes, such as a newsletter, blog or autobiographical account.

You will create a comprehensive learning plan and compile a portfolio, identifying the skills, strategies and connections you need to achieve your future career goals.

Throughout the course you will learn the skills needed to investigate numerical and statistical information, analyse data and learn to use mathematical formulae for problem-solving with confidence, as well as how to use IT presentation packages. You’ll also complete a project of your choice.

This course is free and has two delivery modes, both starting February 2024:

  • Full-time Mixed Mode at Campbell Street. To be successful in this course you will need to commit to at least 20 hours of learning per week.
  • Part-time, fully online. This course runs over one year and is self-paced.

Note - All nationally recognised VET units contribute credit points towards the achievement of the Tasmanian Certificate of Education (TCE). TCE credit points accrue throughout your lifetime so you can also achieve the TCE as an adult. Find out more about what you need to do to achieve all of the standards of the TCE

Entry requirements into the Australian Defence Force may change from time to time. Please contact Defence Force Recruiting to confirm current requirements.

Are you looking to improve your maths skills?

Gain the numeracy skills and knowledge you need to complete study or workplace calculations with confidence by completing Maths for Work and Study. This short course delivers numeracy units from 22473VIC – Certificate II in General Education for Adults.

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