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  • Commercial $ PoA

Additional fees may apply. For more information, see Fees, payments and other costs.

Please note: The course overview is intended as a guide only. Not all courses are available at all locations or through all study types and attendance options. Please check Locations, Dates and Times below or enquire for further information.

Do need help with reading, writing and maths? Are computers a mystery to you? This course can help you get the basic skills you need for more study, or a job!

This no-fee course will help you get better at reading and writing. It will also help you with speaking to other people. In this course you will also learn the basics in using a computer. This course covers:

Working out your goals

This course will help you work out what you want to do next. That might be more study, getting a job, or working on your own development. You will also plan and complete a project with support.

Reading, Writing and Speaking

You will learn to read and write in different ways, as well as work on your spelling and punctuation. This course will also help you talk about your ideas, ask good questions and be more confident.


If you need help with maths, this course will help you get the basic skills. You will learn about money, measuring, design and shape, and data. You will also be able to prepare a simple budget.


You will learn how to operate a computer. You will be able to create a variety of documents. This course will also show you how to save and find documents.

This course takes about 20 hours each week:

  • 14 hours of face-to-face classes
  • 4 hours of study to do in your own time. This might be online discussions, quizzes, research and tasks.

On successful completion of this course, you will have a broad range of useful skills. These skills will help you move on to more study or getting a job. You may want to continue study with the Certificate II in Career Preparation at TasTAFE.

Prepare for work and study (6 unit short course)

Get the skills you need to be work and study ready!

Whether you’re thinking about entering/re-entering the workforce or are wanting to equip yourself with skills for further study - this short, 6 unit skill set focuses on core areas to set up you for success:

  • oral communication
  • understanding and creating documents for employment
  • everyday numeracy.
By undertaking this short course, you’ll learn how to improve your oral communication skills to effectively engage with others in a learning and workplace environment.

You will develop the basic skills and confidence to perform simple and familiar numeracy tasks, including:

  • handling and working with money
  • measurement in a variety of common contexts
  • simple everyday fractions, decimals and percentages.

This short course will also build your skills and confidence using a computer and variety of software applications. You will learn to create documents for employment and engage with our online Learning Management System – Canvas.

On successful completion of this skill set short course, you will have a range of useful skills. These skills will help you move on to more study or finding a job.

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