Construction/Plumbing/Allied Trades

Construction, Plumbing and Allied Trades

Love working with your hands? Always building and fixing things? Perhaps you need a licence to operate certain machinery?

The construction, plumbing, allied trades and electrotechnology industries need people like you.

Nationwide skill shortages currently exist across many of these areas. This high demand means there are great career prospects for capable, enthusiastic and skilled workers. Opportunities are available in specific trades through to more senior supervisory and management roles.

Whether you’re keen to build new homes, are excited by large commercial projects like bridges, dams and power stations, or get a kick out of fixing things when they break down, chances are TasTAFE has the right course to get you the qualification you need.

No matter if you’re right at the start of your career, looking to build on your current skills, or are making a complete change in direction – talk to us about our practical courses. We offer pre-employment and apprenticeship training in all of these areas as well as a wide range of certificate courses.

Let the real world training you’ll get at TasTAFE launch your next career move.


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“I did a housing and design course at college so my interest in that area has always been there and the TasTAFE Certificate II in Construction course was a great way of covering the more practical side of things.” – Donna, Certificate II in Construction

Building and Construction – Music and carpentry the perfect combination for Donna

“I came here as a migrant from Iran and am studying construction as I’d like to get an apprenticeship and one day have my own business.” – Hamed, Certificate II in Construction Pathways

Building and Construction – Hamed

“I decided to come to TasTAFE and study a Certificate II qualification as I’d like to get a job out of it, and TasTAFE is a really good option, practical option.” – Brody, Certificate II in Construction and Certificate II in Drainage.

Construction – Brody

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