Work Health and Safety

Work Health and Safety (WHS)

The Board of TasTAFE, as the Person Conducting Business or Undertaking (PCBU), TasTAFE has the primary duty of care for ensuring that as far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety of workers and all other persons at TasTAFE is not put at risk from TasTAFE work or activities carried out.

TasTAFE considers all workplace injuries to be preventable and strives to ensure that best practice WHS systems are integrated into business area operations. This is vital in ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of staff, students, contractors and visitors.

TasTAFE’s health and safety strategy aims to meet its statutory and employee duty of care obligations and to create a harmonious, productive learning and working environment by providing a workplace free from risks to health and safety.

The links between all sections of TasTAFESAFE is the Work Health and Safety (WHS) policy (Word) which controls the direction of WHS for TasTAFE, risk management which underpins most processes and the WHS action plans which define how each area of TasTAFE intends to meet and manage the requirements of TasTAFESAFE.