Distance yourself from others… not your studies

TasTAFE is still operating… but we're doing things a bit differently!

In response to COVID-19, we're transitioning to online learning – which means you can continue your training from the comfort of your own home, and keep in regular online contact with your teachers.

There's no need to come on campus unless your teacher has scheduled a small group session for a demonstration or learning or assessment activity that you can't do at home.

If you need access to a computer for your online studies – no worries! You can pre-book a computer to use on campus via our library computer booking system.

So don’t be a stranger to your training. The more skills you gain now, the better for your future!

Check out TasTAFE’s coronavirus updates page for more information.

Short courses

We offer a wide range of short courses, enabling employers to multi-skill their workforce, improve productivity and expand workforce capability. Individuals are also able to enhance skills by undertaking short courses in a range of industry areas.

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Diplomas & Advanced Diplomas

Diploma and Advanced Diploma qualifications area the highest level of study available through TasTAFE. Gaining a Diploma or Advanced Diploma level qualification will give you the skills and knowledge you need to seek employment in supervisory roles across a wide range of industries.

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Why TasTAFE?

Bronte Richardson has always had a passion for design and production. In Year 10, her design teacher recognised her potential and suggested she apply for a school-based apprenticeship that was being offered by Direct Edge Manufacturing.

As a school-based apprentice, Bronte was able to combine work at Direct Edge Manufacturing with a Certificate III in Engineering-Technical at TasTAFE and study at Hellyer College. She is thrilled to be employed in her dream career - engineering.