TasTAFE Complaint Form

We encourage you to take positive and direct action to resolve any issues or concerns as they arise, the best way to do this is by speaking directly with the relevant party. Many concerns can be quickly resolved with a simple conversation about what has occurred and exploring options to resolve the issue.

If, after talking to the relevant party your concern is not resolved or if you do not feel comfortable speaking with the relevant party, you are welcome to submit a complaint by filling out the below information.

Please visit our Feedback and Complaints Webpage for further information.

A copy of this form can be downloaded here: Complaint Form.

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If you are a current TasTAFE student, you have free access to support throughout the complaints process from one of our specialist support staff. Would you like one of these staff to contact you? If yes - please note that a copy of your complaint will be forwarded to the specialist support staff member.
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