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No matter where you are in life, or what goals you may have for your education or training future, TasTAFE offers a range of courses to suit you and your personal circumstances.

TasTAFE is proud to offer flexible courses that vary by duration, location and by delivery method.

Courses range from refresher courses and short courses which might only last an afternoon, to evening programs, and qualifications which require six months, twelve months, or two-three years’ study.

How to apply and enrol

There are four easy steps to apply and enrol in a TasTAFE course:

1. Choose your course/field of study:

  • browse our courses online
  • read the course information carefully to see if the course meets your needs and abilities
  • contact Client Services who will assist you with further course information or put you in touch with someone from the relevant teaching area.

2. Determine your suitability for the course:

  • identify any entry requirements
  • work out if you need prior experience or study
  • make note of any important dates for information days or suitability/selection processes.

3. Register your interest to apply:

  • complete a Contact Us form online
  • phone us on 1300 655 307
  • visit your local campus.

4. Enrol:

A staff member from the relevant teaching team will contact you to advise whether your application has been successful and provide you with the information you need to enrol. This includes:

  • completing an enrolment form and tick-sheet listing the units you are enrolling in
  • providing at least 50 points of approved identification – e.g.
    • Birth Certificate (70 points),
    • Passport (70 points),
    • Driver’s Licence (40 points),
    • Centrelink Concession Card (40 points)
    • Financial Institution Card/s (40 points)
    • Medicare Card (20 points)
  • providing your Unique Student Identifier (USI) number.

Further details on how to enrol and what you need to provide on enrolment are available by calling 1300 655 307 or asking a Client Service staff member at your local campus.

If you are uncertain of your suitability to enrol in a course or program, or if you’d like assistance in selecting a course that is right for you, please call us on 1300 655 307 and ask to speak with a student counsellor.

Course requirements

At TasTAFE, we provide a range of training programs with varying entry requirements.

Some have specific entry requirements that include educational pre-requisites and/or prior or concurrent work experience, whilst other high-demand courses may require you to meet suitability criteria and/or attend an interview.

Depending on the course you are interested in, you may be required to:

  • attend an information/pre-enrolment session
  • complete an application form– which could include submission of a portfolio or an audition.

Please contact Client Services to discuss course requirements specific to your enrolment, or to make an appointment with a student counsellor for more information about the suitability process for your course.

Intention to enrol and Expression of Interest

If your course requires you to put in an Intention to Enrol, please download and complete the Expression of Interest Form and return to Client Services.

You may also need to submit work or evidence of previous qualifications/experience.

Enrolment conditions

The completion of an enrolment form and payment of fees is required before you receive student status.

Students who do not pay the total fees owing will become a debtor of TasTAFE and you will have your results withheld until the amount owing is paid in full.

Please contact us on 1300 655 307 for more information or to discuss any difficulties you are having in paying your fees.

How do I qualify for study at TasTAFE?

We have experienced staff and course counsellors available to discuss your study options with you.  Our staff will work with you to ensure your goals and skills are adequately matched to relevant courses and qualifications and ensure a learning pathway is in place to meet future learning goals.

If you are a trainee or apprentice and you have signed a training agreement your employer will have a contact at TasTAFE for you in relation to your enrolment.

What is meant by a suitability process?

A suitability process refers to the steps that may be undertaken to determine the match of potential students for the vocational course area and qualification level that you are interested in.  This does not apply to trainees and apprentices.

The objective is to ensure a full understanding of the vocational area of study, its application in the workplace, and the qualification level of study agreed, so that your study opportunities are maximised in terms of being able to meet the learning outcomes within the delivery period of the program.

The suitability process will be based on information drawn from relevant training packages, industry specific requirements, and taking into account any previous work and training experiences, life experience, any other relevant evidence provided by you and any additional criteria which may indicate successful completion of the course. It may include an interview or other processes.

Admission and entry requirements