Apprentices and trainees

Australian Apprenticeships – often called apprenticeships or traineeships – are a great learning pathway, and there has never been a better time to be an apprentice in Tasmania!

Australian Apprenticeships combine paid on-the-job training with formal study and allow you to experience a more practical approach to learning with the bonus of earning while you are learning!

You don’t have to be a school leaver to undertake an Australian Apprenticeship – you just have to be employed, or about to be employed. In fact, many apprentices and trainees these days have already spent some time in the workforce and are looking to change careers.

The benefits of undertaking an Australian Apprenticeship include being able to:

  • earn while you learn
  • receive recognition for skills you already have
  • undertake training on-the-job at your workplace, off-the-job at TasTAFE, or a combination of both
  • develop new and existing skills under the guidance of both your employer and TasTAFE’s experienced teacher
  • create a pathway from school to work
  • graduate with a nationally recognised qualification

TasTAFE is the largest trainer of apprentices and trainees in Tasmania, and is here to help you get the skills you need while you are working, so that when you finish your apprenticeship or traineeship, you’ll have a fantastic combination of practical skills, experience and formal education under your belt.

Learn more about Australian Apprenticeships below.

What is an Australian Apprenticeship?

Australian Apprenticeships – also called apprenticeships or traineeships – are structured training arrangements that offer you the opportunity to train, study and earn an income at a variety of qualification levels across a wide range of industries.

During your apprenticeship/traineeship, you will split your time between working with your employer on-the-job and attending TasTAFE to spend time training with TasTAFE’s experienced teachers. Depending on the qualification you are studying, your time at TasTAFE may consist of block training (for example, full-time over a two-week period) or certain days as agreed with your employer over the course of the year.

When you complete your training you will have a nationally recognised qualification, which means that you will be able to get work in your chosen field anywhere in Australia, as well as in many countries around the world.

You can find more information on the Australian Apprenticeships website.

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