Student internet usage conditions

Student access to internet services is provided for the purpose of learning whilst you are studying at TasTAFE and should not be used for non-course related activities.

You must follow the conditions set out below and be aware that online activities may be monitored and that any infringement may result in disciplinary action.

These conditions cover all electronic communication including, but not limited to, messaging, email and all forms of social media.

Note – your ongoing enrolment at TasTAFE is subject to you continuing to abide by the following conditions:

  • In using the internet, the privacy of others must be respected.
  • Behaviour that causes a person to feel offended, humiliated, intimidated, harassed, bullied, hurt, insulted, frightened, ridiculed or discriminated against is unacceptable and is a breach of the Student Code of Conduct.
  • Obscene, offensive and/or discriminatory material must not be accessed, displayed, stored or used in any communications.
  • The internet must not be used for illegal activities, or to transmit threatening letters or unsolicited advertising.
  • False or defamatory statements must not be posted or published on the internet.
  • The internet must not be used to gain unauthorised access to other electronic devices.
  • All activity should be conducted in a manner that does not create congestion on the network.
  • Games are not to be downloaded, played or installed onto electronic devices unless with permission from, and under direct supervision of a teacher.
  • Any use of the internet should ensure that there is no possibility of transmission of viruses or programs that may harm data or equipment.
  • The sources of any quoted material from the internet must be acknowledged or referenced.

Not abiding by these conditions will result in disciplinary action which may include:

  • formal warning recorded on student file
  • removal of access privileges
  • suspension from class
  • review/termination of enrolment
  • prosecution under State and Commonwealth laws.

For more information about student internet usage conditions, please speak with your teacher.