TasTAFE and MRC North helping to build a bright future for students

Published on: 23 Nov 2022

TasTAFE and the Migrant Resource Centre Northern Tas have teamed up to help migrants in Northern Tasmania gain jobs in the construction sector.

In partnership with the Migrant Resource Centre Northern Tas Inc (MRC North), TasTAFE has delivered accredited and non-accredited training for MRC north’s Careers in Building and Construction program.

The program was funded by Keystone Tasmania and supported job-ready migrants to prepare themselves for and find sustainable entry-level employment in the Tasmanian construction industry.

MRC Northern Tas CEO Ella Dixon said, “we are delighted to partner with TasTAFE to assist a group of willing and highly motivated participants from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds”.

“Unemployment and underemployment are a concern for people who lack English and vocational qualifications, and programs like this helps to remove the roadblocks in gaining and maintaining work that is commensurate with the participants’ pre-arrival skills and expertise”.

The course was hosted at TasTAFE’s Alanvale campus and delivered over three weeks in October, with classes focused on safe work practices, basic understanding of tool usage, knowledge and industry language, as well as project based practical activities.

TasTAFE’s Manager Industry Relationships and Business Growth, Matthew Dance, said the program is a great example of TasTAFE’s mission to deliver training tailored to the needs of students.

“TasTAFE recognises the importance of ensuring that all learners have equal access to training that aligns with industry demand. Access and participation are key themes within our new 10 Year Strategic Plan, and this program is a great way of providing more people with access to our training,” Mr Dance said.

After learning the basics of the industry in the program, participant Medhi said his desire to seek work in the industry is stronger than ever: “I’m very interested in getting an apprenticeship. This program has provided me with support and some good skills to hopefully get a job in building and construction”.

Following the success of this program, Mr Dance said TasTAFE is excited to work with MRC North to support migrants with similar courses in the future.

“We’re grateful for the opportunity to partner with MRC North in this important initiative and we’ll continue to work with them in providing contextualised and supported training for the Tasmanian migrant community”.

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