TasTAFE and CCF helping build Tasmania’s future workforce

Published on: 06 Dec 2022

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TasTAFE and Civil Contractors Federation (CCF) Tasmania have come together to train future members of Tasmania’s civil construction industry.

The High-Vis Army Civil Construction Pre-Employment Program began in November and is teaching those new to the industry the skills they’ll need to enter the workforce.

TasTAFE Manager Industry Relationships and Business Growth, Matt Dance, said TasTAFE is providing participants with a range of civil-related training including construction industry white card, traffic control qualifications, WHS and manual handling along with industry-specific foundation skills training.

Course participant Jaidyn said the course has already proven to him that civil construction is the right fit for him.

“Before the course I had no experience. I went from an IT background last year and now this year is completely different. I’ve learned a lot about construction through this program and it has made me very excited to get into it and I feel comfortable actually getting into it after this.”

In addition to the expert training and real-life experience, course participant Finn said another bonus of the course was the ability to earn licenses such as White Card that will come in handy when it comes time to apply for work in the sector.

Tasmania has an unprecedented pipeline of infrastructure works and record investment in the state. The civil construction industry is already resourced constrained and needs to build a High-Vis Army to build Tasmania. CCF estimates that Tasmania will need an additional 7500 employees in the industry.

CCF Tasmania CEO, Andrew Winch, says “With the assistance of TasTAFE and in consultation with industry, we were able to deliver a fast-tracked pre-employment program of both accredited and non-accredited units that ensures participants are job ready. The civil construction industry is a great industry to be involved in, with opportunities across various pathways.

After working in IT, Jaidyn was looking for a change and thought the program could be the ideal stepping stone to a new career:

“I heard through an employment agency. They told me about the Bridgewater Bridge construction and how this course is doing a program to get people into the field with no experience. So that we can hopefully end up getting a job in the civil construction field.”

Participant Shari-Lea was full of praise for TasTAFE Teacher Tony Cook, as well as all other teachers involved:

“Tony has kept things really fun and innovative. He gets us involved with the work, whether it’s theory or practical experience. He makes sure we have a good time learning whether it’s in the field or in the class.”

Participants are now undertaking a 2-week work placement with host employers in the industry. This component of the program allows participants to put into practice the skills and knowledge they have learned and gain some real ‘on the job’ experience.

Andrew Winch said that “CCF Tasmania is looking forward to continuing to partner with TasTAFE to run these programs on an ongoing and state-wide basis.”

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