About TasTAFE

About TasTAFE

TasTAFE is the largest registered public vocational training and education organisation in Tasmania, and one of the 10 largest RTOs in Australia.

TasTAFE is proud to deliver more than 370 nationally accredited and industry-endorsed qualifications from Certificate I to Advanced Diploma level, to short courses and pre-vocational/pre-employment foundation programs.

Owned by the Tasmanian Government it is a stable, state-owned asset. TasTAFE operates under the auspices of its own legislative functions and powers and is governed by an independent Statutory Board who report to the Minister.

As an asset of the Tasmanian Government, TasTAFE is a substantial provider of Vocational Education and Training (VET) services purchased by the Government through the Department of Education.  The purchasing arrangement, governed by a Memorandum of Understanding, assists TasTAFE in offering a broad range of products and services to individuals, industry sectors and enterprises.

To achieve its legislated functions, TasTAFE can partner with appropriate organisations to ensure the needs of its student and client base are met.

TasTAFE services businesses located across Tasmania and is well placed to provide economic and social benefits through the provision of accredited, vocationally based qualifications and skills sets.  Clients include people already engaged in the workforce, those preparing to enter the workforce and employers, through meeting their workforce development needs.

TasTAFE operates within the broader Tasmanian educational system, as a commercially autonomous organisation, that has a specific role to:

  • engage with individuals who require support to gain vocational ready SKILLS
  • deliver vocational qualifications to individuals who wish to advance their career OPPORTUNITIES
  • create a more rewarding and sustainable FUTURE for the community
  • assist employers to lift the productivity of their workforces through skill development.

TasTAFE operates in an efficient and effective manner in all of its operations. With a focus on high performance and quality assurance the organisation delivers value for all of its students and clients.  This value-add in turn ensures that TasTAFE is a vital, thriving and sustainable organisation that has a strong reputation amongst its stakeholders.

TasTAFE’s vision

TasTAFE ‘s vision is to enable Tasmanians to gain the skills and qualifications needed for the state’s workforce and the community to succeed and prosper.

TasTAFE will be recognised for:

  • student achievement, contributing to productive and fulfilling lives
  • the strong points of connection and value-add into all aspects of the Tasmanian economy
  • its capable, innovative and resourceful workforce
  • organisational growth and development based on student and client needs
  • an ongoing pursuit of organisational excellence
  • meeting the skills and workforce development needs of industry and employers
  • effective partnerships.