Here at TasTAFE, we are committed to providing both our learners and business clients with the training opportunities and skills they need to be successful in today’s economic climate.

We provide a range of training solutions from nationally recognised qualifications and specific skill sets through to short courses. Our aim is to enable employers to multi-skill their workforce, improve productivity and expand workforce capability.

TasTAFE provides:

  • Responsive, industry relevant training.
  • Flexible learning options.
  • Customised training.
  • 12 industry-standard campuses across Tasmania.

Ready to grow your business?

Employees are your company’s most important assets. With competition for talent continuing to grow, investing in your workforce is crucial. Training not only allows you to multi-skill your staff and expand workforce capability but also generates employee loyalty and job satisfaction which in turn decreases staff turnover.

Australian Apprenticeships are a powerful way to create a competitive advantage. Consider the following benefits of training your apprentices and trainees with TasTAFE:

  • Your employees obtain a nationally recognised qualification while they continue to work in your business.
  • Your employees receive training that is tailored to meet your business requirements.
  • Eligible employers/employees receive financial incentives which assist in meeting the cost of training. Contact your local Apprenticeship Network Provider to get advice on the incentives that may apply to your situation.
  • Apprentices may be full-time, part-time, mature aged, existing employees or school-based.
  • Training can be held where and when it suits your business, either on-the-job or off-the-job at one of our campuses located across Tasmania.

For further details, contact our Workforce Development team:

Sharyn Elkin
03 6165 6599
0418 256 552

Tim Smith
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Australian Apprenticeships – FAQs

Australian Apprenticeships, often called apprenticeships or traineeships, are a great learning pathway. They are a structured training arrangement offering opportunities for employees to train, study and earn an income at a variety of qualification levels. They are available in many industry sectors, including in traditional trades, and are generally a three-way partnership between you as the employer, the employee and a Registered Training Organisation (TasTAFE).

Employees will typically spend time on-the-job working with you and also spend time training with TasTAFE’s experienced teachers. Depending on the course they are studying, their time at TasTAFE may be block training (for example, a two week period), or certain days as agreed with you as the employer.
When your employee completes their training they will have a nationally recognised qualification.

You can find more information on the Australian Apprenticeships website.

TasTAFE is Tasmania’s largest Registered Training Organisation.

We offer a wide range of qualifications across many industries, experienced and industry relevant teaching staff, and modern campuses across southern, northern and north-western Tasmania. When visiting your Apprenticeship Network Provider, advise them that TasTAFE is your preferred Registered Training Organisation.

Australian Apprenticeships are available to anyone of working age and can be full-time, part-time or school-based. It doesn’t matter whether your prospective apprentice is a school leaver, is re-entering the workforce, or is an adult wishing to change careers.

All apprentices and trainees need to be employed before they can start their training course.

Australian Apprenticeships are available for anyone of working age.

There are a range of funding programs and subsidies available to support training, so it’s certainly possible there will be a program to support the costs you will incur taking on an apprentice or trainee. Give us a call today and we can point you in the right direction.

The primary program to be aware of is the government-funded Australian Apprenticeships Support Network. This may provide funding and incentives for new and possibly existing workers.

Other relevant funding may be available through the following:
National Workforce Development Fund – an Australian Government initiative to support training and workforce development in areas of current and future skills needs.
Skills Fund – This program focuses on areas of industry skill shortage and improving the skills of Tasmanian workers.
Subsidised training for existing workers – Skills Tasmania has made available a range of subsidised apprenticeships and traineeships for existing workers.
Targeted Apprentice and Trainee Grant for Small Business program – this small business grants program is aimed at increasing the number of apprentices and trainees employed within small businesses in identified industries.
Payroll Tax Rebate Scheme – is available up until 30 June 2019 for employers that pay payroll tax and employ eligible apprentices, trainees and youth employees.
Trade Support Loans – these are loans paid in instalments totalling up to $20,808 over the life of an Australian Apprenticeship. These loans are intended to assist apprentices with everyday costs while they complete their apprenticeship. Eligible trade Australian Apprentices may apply (opt-in) for regular instalments according to their needs.

Governments also periodically release targeted programs to meet specific skill development needs. Selection criteria apply and funding for some programs is awarded through a competitive tender process.

TasTAFE has an excellent understanding of what is available and can work with you to take advantage of any support available that may suit your business’ needs.

Finally, it’s important to note that many apprentices are expected to purchase some or all of their tools. This is a decision you can make as an employee. Policies differ between workplaces and therefore costs to employees also vary. You should explain any costs clearly in your recruitment process.

The length of training will vary according to the qualification selected and any prior skills and experience your employee may have.
Traineeships typically take between six months and two years to complete, whilst most trades take three to four years.
Australian Apprenticeships can be done on either a full-time or part-time basis.

It makes sense that employees should be recognised for the things they already know how to do. TasTAFE can assess skills and knowledge based on previous education, work history or life experience. This may help your staff gain their qualification a whole lot faster.

Each course has different requirements. You can get an overview of common assessment procedures by visiting the relevant course information page here on the TasTAFE website.

What is important is that students are assessed by industry-competent professionals. TasTAFE will work with you to ascertain whether these are your own staff in the workplace, trained TasTAFE teachers or a combination of both.

Ideally, some qualifications require intensive periods of block training at TasTAFE. This is so we can ensure your staff develop relevant skills for the future and meet the requirements of national accreditation. It’s also a great way to expose them to a range of mentors and increase their industry network.

TasTAFE will work closely with you to ensure having your employee out of the workplace creates minimal disruption to your business. We can negotiate suitable periods of time for training to occur. Note that a travel and accommodation allowance is available to apprentices and trainees who have a training contract registered with Skills Tasmania.

It’s also handy to know that students may be able to access on-site accommodation at some TasTAFE campuses.

Apprenticeships are offered at Certificate III level, whereas traineeships are generally available from Certificate II through to the Advanced Diploma level.

TasTAFE offers qualifications in a wide range of industries as listed below.

Advertising in your local area is a great way to attract keen apprentices and trainees. You can also make contact with an Apprenticeship Network Provider or a Job Network provider who can help connect you with advice and recruiting. Through your ANP, you can access a Gateway Careers Advisor who can assist with matching you with an apprentice. There is a lot of support available to you as an employer.

TasTAFE also offers Pre-apprentice courses in a number of industry areas. There’s every chance we can connect you with enthusiastic students with core skills who are seeking employment in your sector.

Students in Year 10, 11 or 12 are able to undertake an apprenticeship/traineeship qualification while finishing their Tasmanian Certificate of Education (TCE). This allows them to combine vocational education and skills training with paid employment. Working hours and training attendance are negotiated between you, your student, their school and TasTAFE. It is a highly successful program.

For more information on school-based and Australian Apprenticeships, please visit the Department of Education website or Australian Apprenticeships website.

Group Training Organisations (GTOs) employ apprentices/trainees under an employment and training contract and then place them with host employers.

The GTO undertakes the employer responsibilities such as ensuring the quality and continuity of employment and training, as well as providing the support services necessary for the successful completion of apprentice/trainee training.

Partnering with a GTO improves the quality and breadth of training available to apprentices/trainees in small and medium-sized businesses. For more information, you can search the Group Training National Register.

If you’ve tried your own workplace support mechanisms and still require further assistance, your local Australian Apprenticeship Centre is your next point of contact.
They may help you or refer you to the most appropriate authority. If your problem is regarding training you should contact TasTAFE. You can also contact Skills Tasmania, on 1800 655 846, for information and advice on how to arrange assistance from a Training Consultant.

Your Apprenticeship Network Provider (ANP) is your first contact for most issues. They are able to arrange support or referral for personal issues such as depression, drug and alcohol problems, relationship difficulties and financial stress. The ANP will also be able to advise on accessing the Disabled Australian Apprentice Wage Subsidy Scheme.

Your Apprentice/Trainee may also make an appointment to consult a TasTAFE Student Counsellor. TasTAFE’s Student Support team offer free and confidential services. Appointment (including phone appointments) can be made by calling 1300 655 307.

Apprentices and trainees are welcome to access academic support from TasTAFE. This includes in-class support and the drop-study support services on campus. If a group of apprentices or trainees require support in a specific area, this can also be arranged.