Code of Conduct

TasTAFE is committed to providing a quality learning community that reflects contemporary workplace standards across all campuses.

As a TasTAFE student, it is important that you understand there are rules and expectations guiding your behaviour and safety, and that there are academic standards that apply to your studies. Our Code of Conduct is based around the principles of safety, fairness, respect and legality.

All members of the TasTAFE community, including visitors to TasTAFE sites, can expect an environment and interactions that are:

  • Safe and Healthy
    Your behaviour must take account of the physical, psychological and emotional safety of yourself and others, be in line with Workplace Health & Safety legislation and standards, and follow the specific requirements of the learning area you are operating in.
  • Respectful and Considerate
    Your behaviour must include treating others with respect, be free from intimidation, aggression and violence and must allow others to freely participate in their chosen activities.
  • Fair and Equitable
    You must make sure you do not harass, bully, intimidate or treat others unfairly. Your behaviour must allow others to freely access the TasTAFE experience and not disadvantage or discriminate against them.
  • Honest and Legal
    You must act within the law at all times, in line with Workplace Health & Safety legislation and TasTAFE By-Laws 2014.

TasTAFE students are informed of the Code of Conduct at the beginning of their course and are expected to comply with the Code by fulfilling their responsibilities. Teachers and staff have an obligation to all students to ensure a healthy and equitable environment in which every student can undertake their chosen area of study.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Your Rights

As a student at TasTAFE you are entitled to:

  • be provided with accurate and sufficient information to assist you to make informed decisions relating to your enrolment and learning experience
  • undertake your learning experience safely
  • be treated fairly and with respect
  • learn in an environment free from discrimination and harassment
  • pursue your educational goals in a supportive and stimulating environment
  • have access to various services such as counselling and language support
  • be informed of assessment procedures

Your Responsibilities

As a student at TasTAFE you have the responsibility to:

  • behave in a manner which is safe, fair, respectful and lawful
  • treat other people fairly and with respect
  • be punctual and regular in attendance
  • not smoke within any campus boundary
  • drive safely on campus
  • participate in scheduled assessment events and submit assessment items on time
  • provide authentic original assessment evidence and not engage in plagiarism or cheating in any assessment
  • behave in a responsible manner – i.e. do not litter, harass or offend fellow students or staff, damage or steal property
  • use mobile phones appropriately
  • not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • follow directions relating to Workplace Health and Safety and training requirements
  • use TasTAFE social media sites responsibly

More information on the requirements of the TasTAFE Code of Conduct is available from your teacher.

Discrimination and Harassment

At TasTAFE, we support an environment free from discrimination, harassment and bullying for both students and staff.

Discrimination and harassment may arise through a number of circumstances, and may relate to gender, intersex status, age, race, religion, sexuality, gender identity or disability.

Educational Managers or Student Counsellors are available to provide confidential support and information about options to deal with such situations.  Alternatively you may wish to complete a Feedback, Complaints and Student Grievance Form.