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  • Short course

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  • On-Site

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  • Commercial $ 221.00

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The Tasmanian game harvesting scene is thriving, and if the idea of preparing beautiful meat products makes your mouth water, then this course is for you.

You will be introduced to the world of preparing game carcasses and cuts, and producing a basic range of products including sausages, hamburgers and smoked meats.

This course provides a strong base of essential skills including meat selection and preparation for cooking, understanding of food safety, knife choice and basic processing equipment selection and operation.

In particular, you will gain experience working in a commercial kitchen and how to apply this to your kitchen at home, how to safely and hygienically handle and store game meat, and how to clean food preparation areas and equipment.

This course is delivered over two consecutive nights (three hours a night) or as a day course over six hours.

On successful completion of this course, you will receive a Statement of Attendance.

Locations, dates & times

CampusDateAttendance/DurationStudy type
Statewide2 Jan 2024 -
1 Dec 2024
Short course

Course is delivered statewide at campus's depending on enrolment numbers

On-SiteEnquire now

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