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Skill Set Game Harvester

AMPSS00018 Game Harvester Skill Set

This Skill Set provides the skills and knowledge to shoot and harvest wild game animals and is open to interested participants state-wide. The skill set is a mandatory requirement for anyone looking to gain employment in the area of game harvesting. On completion, successful applicants are able to apply to DPIPWE for a Commercial Harvester Licence allowing them to sell game carcasses to either accredited pet food or game for human consumption premises.

This program covers an overview of the wild game meat industry, operating a game harvesting vehicle, eviscerate, inspect and tag wild game carcasses in the field, the use of firearms to harvest wild game, application of hygiene and sanitation practices required and knife sharpening skills.

The delivery of this program is flexible with participants able to enrol at any time of the year and have 12 months to complete. You will be provided with workbooks to cover the learning content which also includes a range of practical tasks. This is designed to have you ready for the assessment phase of the program.

To be eligible to undertake this program you will have to ensure you have a current firearms licence, registered firearms, approved access to the property, access to an appropriate vehicle and operate under a crop protection permit.

Career Opportunities

This skill set qualification is the pre-requisite requirement, prior to licencing for Game Harvesting from the relevant Tasmanian Regulatory body: DPIPWE.

No occupational licensing, legislative or certification requirements are known to apply to this qualification at the time of publication.

Successful outcomes from this skill set will be:

  • Interpret and operate in the commercial and regulatory environment of the game meat industry
  • Operate a game harvesting vehicle safely and hygienically
  • Partially or fully eviscerate a wild game animal carcass in the field.
  • Harvest animals humanely and define the standards required to:
    • identify the species to be harvested
    • prepare and handle ammunition and weapons safely
    • ensure the harvesting area is clear and notifications have been made where necessary
    • harvest the animal using a shot to a body site appropriate to the target species that causes instant death and is prescribed in the relevant code of practice
    • Apply personal hygiene and sanitation practices in a meat operation. It also covers appropriate methods for cleaning equipment and immediate work areas during operations
    • Maintain knives for safe and effective use in a meat establishment

Study Pathways

This course may be a pathway to further study.   Related courses include:

Location, dates and times

  • This program is offered Statewide and is delivered via correspondence.
  • Next Intake:   Ongoing (rolling intake all year) with a 12 months’ timeframe for completion taken from the time of enrolment.

Learning Options

This course is delivered via correspondence, ideally with an in-field mentor.

TasTAFE will provide additional support (as required) whilst working through units of competency.

No structured TasTAFE campus classes are required or provided.

Assessment Process

Assessments are designed to help you demonstrate your skills and knowledge. They allow us to confirm you can perform to the standard required in the workplace, to meet all of the requirements of the course.

Examples of assessments for this course may include;

  • Verbal questioning
  • Complete relevant Workplace Documents
  • Written assignments
  • Observations on the job
  • Journals, photo or video evidence
  • Scenario-based
  • Practical application of required skills

Recognition of Prior Learning

It makes sense that you should be recognised for the things you already know how to do. TasTAFE can assess your skills and knowledge based on your previous education, work history or life experience. This may help you gain your qualification a whole lot faster.

For further details please refer to the TasTAFE recognition of prior learning page.

Fees and Payments

Full Fee:   $289
Concession: $95

What will I need to bring?

Students will need to provide their own equipment, which includes.

  • Registered firearm
  • Adequate vehicle
  • Sanitiser
  • Lighting
  • Hand wash
  • Paper towel or towels
  • Crop protection permit
  • Knives
  • Steels
  • Knife Sharpening equipment
  • First aid kit
  • De-bogging equipment
  • Communication device (phone, UHF etc.)

Are there ‘other’ costs?


Work Placements, Licensing and Other Requirements

The following requirements exist as pre-requisite to undertaking course:

  • Current firearm licence
  • Current drivers licence
  • Current crop protection permits
  • Unique Student Identifier number (USI)

Desirable Skills and Attributes

Game harvesters who field shoot wild game animals, including macropods, possums, camels, horses, deer, feral goats and wild boar, for further processing.

Student Support

TasTAFE’s enrolment and orientation process provides information about our resources, services and support. Further details relating to Student Support Services are available at our Student Support Services page.


For Skills Sets:   A Statement of Attainment for the units successfully completed

Qualification Requirements

To achieve the AMPSS00018 Game Harvester Skill Set, 6 units must be successfully completed


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