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  • Alanvale

Attendance options

  • Short course

Study type

  • Mixed Learning

Tuition Fees

  • Commercial $ 949.00

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If you’re in the automotive service and repair industry, why not power up your skills in working on electric vehicles?

This short course is for automotive technicians or apprentices who are required to depower and reinitialise battery (BEV) or hybrid (HEV) electric vehicles.

You will learn about the safety, knowledge and practical skills needed to work on BEVs and HEVs.

The course involves ensuring a vehicle’s high voltage rechargeable energy storage system (RESS) is isolated before starting service or repair work. It also involves calibrating vehicle systems that may need resetting once the system is reinitialised. Importance is placed on applying RESS and separated extra low voltage (SELV) electrical safety procedures. It includes relevant Australian Standards for work on electric vehicles.

Locations, dates & times

CampusDateAttendance/DurationStudy typeApply/Enquire
Alanvale14 May 2024 -
16 May 2024
Short courseMixed LearningEnquire now

Career opportunities

  • Inspection service and repair of electric vehicles

Career opportunities

  • Inspection service and repair of electric vehicles

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