Working at TasTAFE

TasTAFE employs close to 1000 people across Tasmania

More than three-quarters of our organisation are involved in the direct delivery of specialised training across more than 30 industry sectors.

If you have first-class industry knowledge and experience and are seeking employment as a teacher/trainer in any of our specialist industry areas, please explore the following links for employment opportunities:

Teacher registration

Teaching staff in Tasmania are required to be registered with the Tasmanian Teachers Registration Board.

This means that any person wanting to teach at TasTAFE must have full registration, provisional registration or a limited authority to teach (LAT) as it is an offence under the Teachers Registration Act 2000 to teach without registration or a LAT.

For further information about teacher registration and to discuss which type of registration best suits your individual circumstances, please visit the Teachers Registration Board website:

Employment opportunities at TasTAFE in English Language Services

There are specific requirements to teach in this delivery area.  Please email Greg Corfield  (Education Manager, North and North West) or Kate Elliott  (Education Manager, South) for a Migrant Education Information Pack.