Vocational Preparation/ELS

Vocational Preparation and English Language Services (ELS)

TasTAFE Vocational Preparation and English Language Service programs are designed to help people with a wide range of needs, including those wanting to improve basic skills to prepare for a vocational pathway, people returning to study or experiencing learning barriers, and people in work wanting to improve skills or change jobs.

Vocational Preparation Programs

Work Pathways
Work Pathways programs are for post Year 12 and adult students with intellectual disability/cognitive impairment.  These programs focus on vocational planning and work readiness skills.

Literacy and Numeracy for Work and Training
These programs build skills in the reading, writing and maths needed to participate in paid or unpaid work and/or training.

Youth Programs
These are a range of programs designed for post year 10 learners aged 16 – 19 years who are ready to gain the skills to pursue their career goals.

Engagement Programs
These short courses are designed to help students to build confidence and develop better learning skills. The courses give students a helping hand to get started on training and learning pathways and lead students on to Vocational Preparation courses at Certificate I or II levels. Engagement programs are usually run at community centres.

Introductory Computing
These programs provide the introductory computing skills required to access further training or employment. Some programs teach preparatory skills such as using a computer, accessing the internet and email and word processing: other programs teach some or the entire Certificate I in Information, Digital Media and Technology. The courses are run in face to face classes or online via Online Access Centres and LINCs (Certificate I course only).

Skills for Work & Training Programs
These programs are for people who want to explore career options or are seeking to enter employment or further training. They provide learners with skills including:

  • Study and learning skills
  • Jobs and training pathway planning
  • Operating effectively in a workplace (safety, teamwork, workplace communication)

Programs can develop general skills or can focus on specific vocational areas.

Return to Study
This program is designed to help develop the study skills – academic writing, researching and referencing, computing and maths – needed to successfully undertake Certificate III, Certificate IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma and University courses.

Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) Program

The SEE program is designed for job seekers who wish to improve their employment opportunities through strengthened English language, reading, writing or numerical skills.

SEE programs are free for eligible job seekers registered with Centrelink or Job Services Australia. Job seekers may join a SEE Program at any time of the year.

The Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) program is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training.

English Language Services

English Language Services offers a broad range of opportunities for learning English Language including preliminary and short courses as well as courses ranging from Certificate I through to Certificate III for settled migrants and for eligible migrants funded by the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP).

Courses include:

  • Up to five levels of English as a Second or Other Language
  • Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) which is funded by the Australian Government.  This program teaches English to help migrants and refugees settle in Australia.  It also teaches students about Australia and its people, society, customs and culture.
  • Young Migrant Education Program (YMEP) – Specific youth programs for students aged 18 – 24 years
  • Work and student focused courses with language support.

“The course was a great way of learning some new skills and getting some ideas about the direction I wanted to go in. The teachers were great, very helpful and inspiring.” – Wendy, Skills for Work and Training Program

Foundation Studies – TasTAFE helps Wendy return to study

“This course has taught me a lot of things. I really liked the work placement and talking to people.” – Isabel, Work Pathways

Foundation Studies – Isabel

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