Developing your staff

No matter what business you are in – big or small, artisan or large-scale commercial ­– all businesses have one thing in common. In order to remain competitive and profitable in today’s global economic climate, a skilled, productive workforce needs to be able to perform variety of business, operational technical functions to a high standard.

As an employer, you simply can’t afford to have people on your team who don’t have the training and skills to help your business go forward.

Why invest in professional development?

Training has many positive benefits – for your business and your employees!

For your staff, it can help to increase self-confidence, improve job-satisfaction and provide an opportunity for employees to learn new skills (that then positively impact on your business).

For you as an employer, well-trained staff can play a big role in increasing your business’s productivity and profitable outcomes.

Through the right training, you’ll also ensure that your business is:

  • up to date with contemporary business practices
  • able to efficiently manage different priorities and deadlines
  • compliant with relevant legislation and is keeping your staff safe
  • continually developing the professional skills of your staff to fill skills gaps
  • addressing succession planning issues.

Recruitment and workforce development

Recruitment and retention can be a problem for many businesses, and we know that in today’s business environment, managers and owners need to consider ways to keep the good staff that they have, or plan for what staff they need in the future.

A key way that you can motivate good staff to achieve greater productivity (and encourage them to stay with your business!) is to have a Workforce Plan. A Workforce Plan helps you, your business and your team see how the human resources you have align to your business’s targets, including how/where you need to develop into the future.

Some of the programs offered by TasTAFE that can help your business include:

  • Australian apprenticeships (apprenticeships and traineeships) training
  • industry-specific skill sets
  • licensing, including Continuing Professional Development
  • updating technical skills
  • customer service
  • leadership and management
  • financial management
  • events management
  • project management
  • Work Health and Safety.

Contact us today to see how we can help customise training for your business.

Reservations Process for Employers

Well-trained staff can play a big role in increasing your business’s productivity and profitable outcomes.

It’s important that you can access the training your need for your business, when you need it –which is why we’ve made it easy for you to reserve places on a TasTAFE course for your employees.

Online applications

The online application process requires students to enrol as individuals – which means that your employees will need to apply for the course you’d like them to do.

We’ve put in place a simple two-part reservations process so that you can reserve a place for your employees, and provide them with a special, direct link to the course you want them to enrol in.

The first part of the reservations process is for you, the employer, to reserve the number of places you need. The second is for your employee to apply for the course online using your unique link.

Assistance and support

If at any time, your employee has difficulties in applying for the course, please ask them to contact 1300 655 307 or email and our Admissions Team will be able to provide assistance.

Our delivery teams can keep you updated with who has applied for the course – simply give them a call on 1300 655 307 or via your usual channels.

Note– if this is the first time your employees will be undertaking training with us, you will need to provide us with your business details to create a financial account with TasTAFE.


Our Industry Managers are available to talk to you about your business needs, assist in your workforce development plan and coordinate training for your workforce today.

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