COVID-19 - Frequently Asked Questions for International Students

At TasTAFE, our priority is providing training for all students in a safe and supportive learning environment.

We are taking advice from Public Health Tasmania and the State Government to manage the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, and are undertaking thorough planning so that we are well-prepared to respond.

Although the COVID–19 situation may change quickly, TasTAFE campuses and training facilities are currently open and will remain open for as long as it is safe for our students and staff.

Should it become necessary for us to close a campus or training facility, you will be notified through normal media channels, and via an announcement on the TasTAFE public website.

While campuses and training facilities are still open, we are increasing hand hygiene practices in all classes, and are following social distancing advice in the interests of staff and student health and safety. We have also made the decision to cut back all non-essential teaching and learning activities to limit the risk of COVID-19, which means that certain course activities may be postponed for the immediate future.

TasTAFE teachers are working to arrange alternative learning arrangements through online delivery to ensure continuity of learning and assessments for students.