Current Students

Choose your own path!

At TasTAFE we want to help you choose the pathway that is right for you, so that you can get the skills and knowledge you need for your future.

Whether you are returning to study after a long break, building on the skills you already have, or entering further education for the first time, TasTAFE offers a range of services to ensure that you are supported throughout your study. This might be helping you to prepare for employment, improving your performance and skills for that promotion you really want, or simply increasing your existing skills so that you can do your current job better!

We acknowledge that everyone is different, and because of this, everyone learns in different ways. To help you meet your individual learning needs and achieve your education and training goals, we have a range of support services, programs and short courses to get you up to speed.

To find out what options are available for the course you want to study, have a chat to your teacher/s or one of our Client Services staff, or check out the Support Services below: