TasTAFE student wins wool classing scholarship

Woman standing with clump of wool in a shed.Completing a wool classing qualification at TasTAFE has led to new opportunities for Tayla Shaw, including winning a wool classing scholarship.

Tayla was recently named as the recipient of a scholarship funded by Wool Solutions and clothing brand ORTOVOX, which includes the reimbursement of course tuition fees.

Tayla describes winning the scholarship as “a game changer.”

“It allowed me to jump straight into classing and has been great publicity to get my name out there in an industry that can be tricky to break into. It has also opened up further learning opportunities, I look forward to going to a wool sale in Melbourne soon, to learn the next steps in the wool production line.”

Tayla has been working in the shearing industry for three years and said completing a Certificate IV in Wool Classing at TasTAFE in 2020 was a natural step to take.

“I’m passionate about wool and wanted to take my skill set to the next level. I really enjoyed the practical side of the course and being able to bring all the knowledge together and apply it makes all the theory worth it.”

Completing the qualification has allowed Tayla to progress in her career.

“I have more work opportunities with a bigger pay incentive, plus it has given me the opportunity to step up and challenge myself in my new position. I have successfully classed my first shed and am looking forward to classing many more in the future. I’ve been given the opportunity to learn sheep classing and hope that I can eventually be somewhat of an ovine specialist.”

Tayla is now furthering her education, studying agribusiness at university, combined with work in the industry.