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TasTAFE’s Campbell Street Library has been recognised for its commitment to sustainability with a Keep Australia Beautiful Award. Campbell Street Library was one of several winners in the Sustainable Schools category for its trailblazing recycling program which is inclusive and innovative.

In 2019, library staff established an extensive recycling area within Campbell Street Library where students and staff could bring mobile phones, toner cartridges, soft plastics, e-waste, pens, light globes and paper and cardboard to be collected for recycling.

The Library worked with the TasTAFE’s finance and assets and facilities teams to look at how a program could be set up and what equipment was needed. Traditional rubbish bins that had been scattered around the library were replaced with the central collection point, encouraging students and staff to recycle their waste.

Library Technician, Rachele Carnevale (pictured), and the library team have been innovative in their approach, taking things a step further to ensure that the program is inclusive and encourages students and staff to recycle correctly. Ongoing consultation with staff and students ensures that a variety of perspectives are considered.

Ms Carnevale said the program had been a real success with students and staff really embracing the opportunity to recycle.

“We have students who are bringing in their soft plastics from home and we have a student who takes the food scraps we collect to feed to her goats and chickens.

“When the rubbish bins were taken away we thought some people might be unhappy, but we have had no negative comments. It’s actually created a real connection with students and we’ve had some great conversations with them,” Ms Carnevale said.

The-library has set up two recycling stations with new bins purchased with some of the $1000 Keep Australia Beautiful Award prizemoney. There are plans to introduce the recycling program to other TasTAFE libraries.


TasTAFE’s Campbell Street Library wins award for innovative recycling program