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TasTAFE Diploma of Leadership and Management students have produced an International Insights Guide to give TasTAFE staff more information about other cultures and how to interact with international students.

With the number of overseas students at TasTAFE increasing, the class identified the need for a resource that would help people to ensure that their dealings with students and other international visitors are culturally sensitive and appropriate.

With students from 18 different countries represented in the Diploma course, they were the perfect group to take on the task, with each student developing the specific information for their particular country.

The guide outlines appropriate formal and informal greetings, interaction styles and customs as well as things like communication style, appropriate gifts and work style, as well as general information about each country. Countries covered include Australia, Cambodia, Chile, China, India, Malaysia, the United States and Vietnam.

As well as being a useful resource to assist staff in making international students feel welcome at TasTAFE, the development of the guide was also an important learning experience for the Diploma students and will form part of their course assessment.

Led by account managers Valentina Bustos and Rebecca Eulenstein, the class spent 13 weeks developing the concept, writing and editing content and working closely with a team of Graphic Design students at TasTAFE’s Hunter Street Campus to bring the idea to reality. The research team also spoke to TasTAFE staff in the international student area.

Rebecca said the project had been a challenging but rewarding task.

“It was difficult at times, but we’ve recently had a de-brief and we all agree that it was a really big learning curve and that we have all taken something from it, especially in terms of the communication required to make something like this work.

“I also learnt a lot when putting together the content about different cultures and how to interact with people so that they feel comfortable.

“Valentina and I were so lucky to have the opportunity to be account managers on this project. It was great learning about all of the different cultures and having the opportunity to work with such a diverse group of people,” Rebecca said.


Students develop International Insights Guide for TasTAFE staff