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Congratulations to TasTAFE plumbing apprentice, Jordan Lilley who recently received a Rheem Apprentice Plumber’s Grant valued at over $3,000.

Jordan was one of only 10 apprentices from around Australia to receive a grant. The grants are designed to invest in the plumbing industry’s skills future and provide some financial support to worthy apprentices.

Jordan, at the age of 27 left his job as a primary school teacher and because he enjoyed renovating, made the big decision to get into a registered trade. Plumbing appealed to him because of the variety it offers.

In the future Jordan would like to combine his teaching and plumbing skillsets and educate apprentices within an online learning environment.

His employer, Andrea Overeem, of Overeem Gas and Plumbing says Jordan has taken a huge step leaving a successful profession as a teacher and re-training as a mature age apprentice.

She believes the industry will benefit greatly from such a high calibre individual like Jordan.

Since the Rheem Apprentice Plumber Grant program was launched in 2012, $180,000 in grants have been awarded to 160 apprentices.

Tasmanian apprentice receives Rheem Apprentice Plumber Grant