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Two TasTAFE Metals apprentices have been recognised for excellence in their work and training, winning Lew Fowler Apprenticeship Awards.

The award, named in honour of Rotarian Lew Fowler (1936-1996), who joined the Rotary Club of Glenorchy in 1975, recognises apprentices who live or work in the Glenorchy area who have demonstrated a commitment to the Metals trade as well as a strong work ethic and a positive attitude towards their training and fellow students.

Incat Fabrication apprentice Taran Ocean was chosen as a recipient for his commitment, hard work and enthusiasm for the trade. His award was presented on 30 March by President John Berry at the Rotary Club of Glenorchy’s meeting.

The other recipient was Adrian Robinson, a Mechanical apprentice at Cadbury (Mondelez). Adrian was chosen because he gave up a job as a confectioner to become an apprentice knowing that at the end of his apprenticeship there was a chance he wouldn’t have a job. He studied the advanced welding units and although he doesn’t do a lot of welding at work, he committed himself to the challenge of welding and through commitment and determination completed the qualification. Adrian was presented with his award on 16 March by Rotarians Terry West and Mike Quinn in front of the mechanical class of apprentices at TasTAFE’s facility in Bender Drive.

Lew Fowler worked in the metals area and served as Rotary President in 1982-83 and 1986. He was involved in all the areas of service in Rotary. His work in International Service is well remembered where he assisted in many overseas projects, and he and wife Kaye, visited countries in need, such as New Guinea, to see firsthand what Rotary could do.

After his death the board of the Rotary club decided during the 1997-98 Rotary year to honour this likeable and dedicated Rotarian by giving a yearly award to two apprentices. The first presentation was held on 12th March 1998 and the award has continued ever since.

TasTAFE Metals students honoured with Rotary’s Lew Fowler Apprenticeship Awards