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Agfest is widely recognised as Tasmania’s premier rural event and TasTAFE was thrilled to have a presence in the Trades Expo area as well as space within the DairyTas Legendairy Pavillion.

Visitors to our stands certainly got a great taste of the wide range of TasTAFE courses on offer. In the Trades Expo area there were a range of practical demonstrations including grape vine propagation, topiary techniques, soil testing and marzipan modelling to name a few.

Our Health Services area was very popular with their lifelike, breathing mannequin and the Children’s Services area had parents and children engaged as they made and gave away play dough.

The Primary Industries team in the bustling DairyTas Legendairy Pavillion had a great time discussing apprenticeships, qualifications and short courses such as quad bikes, chemical training, fencing and dairy-specific courses.

As part of our Agfest activities we gave patrons the opportunity to win a short course. Thank you to everyone who entered and we advise that the winner was S Ranson from Launceston.

Agfest provided a great opportunity to showcase a wide range of courses