Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) Program

Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) Program

The Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) Program is designed for job seekers who wish to improve their employment opportunities through strengthened English language, reading, writing or numerical skills.

SEE programs are free for eligible job seekers registered with Centrelink or Job Services Australia. Job seekers may join a SEE Program at any time of the year.

SEE programs have the added benefit of providing where possible, practical work experience in local businesses and industry.

At TasTAFE your client can:

  • start at any time. TasTAFE has daily intakes. Once the initial assessment has taken place there is a good chance that your client
  • can quickly commence a program
  • improve his/her reading (i.e. newspapers, stories and letters from school)
  • access training during hours which suit family commitments
  • improve their spoken English language skills for everyday use and employment
  • learn to fill in forms, write letters, resumes and emails.
  • master basic IT skills, word processing and internet browsing.
  • work with experienced teachers to develop individual study plans to achieve employment goals.
  • tap into specialised student support
  • choose from over 300 qualifications on offer at TasTAFE when ready to pursue future pathways
  • enjoy a range of learning facilities and environments to support student needs
  • expand their opportunities to gain long term, sustainable employment.


Alanvale Campus
54a Alanvale Road, Newnham

Launceston Campus
10-16 Wellington Street, Launceston

Course Duration

A SEE course is generally 10 – 20 weeks long in 200 hours block (full time). Part-time options may be available.
SEE Program  Information Flyer

Your client’s participation requirements will influence whether they join a full-time or part-time SEE program.

Course Dates

Courses run regularly throughout the year. TasTAFE has rolling intakes. Once the initial assessment has taken place, your client will be recommended for commencement as soon as possible.


Free to job seekers registered with Centrelink or Job Services Australia.

The Referral Process

The referral process should be undertaken while the client is with you.

Step 1

Confirm eligibility:   Summary of Eligibility Criteria

  • All clients must be of working age (15-64 years of age) and;
  • Registered as a jobseeker with Centrelink or a Job Services Australia Provider.
  • There are no potential barriers which could inhibit your client’s capacity to improve language, literacy and numeracy (such as homelessness, substance abuse, prolonged attendance difficulties or unwillingness to learn).

Step 2

Where your client has English language needs, please determine whether an interpreter is required. It is the referral agency’s responsibility to organise an interpreter for the Pre-Training Assessment appointment you will make in the following step. An appointment will not proceed where an interpreter listed with one of the interpreting agencies below, is found to be necessary and not supplied.

Translator and Interpreter Service: 131450 Language Links: 6344 7831

Step 3

Please phone the TasTAFE Service Centre 1300 655 307 to make a referral and book a Pre-Training Assessment appointment for your client with our friendly TasTAFE staff.

Step 4

After the Pre-Training Assessment appointment has been made, please create an electronic referral for the client on your relevant IT system (ESS or ISES).

Step 5

A copy of your client’s Employment Pathway Plan (EPP) is brought to the initial appointment to assist matching the client to the suitable SEE Program.

Further information?

If you require further information on the SEE program, please call 1300 655 307 to arrange a site visit for your agency.

The SEE program is funded by the Australian Government.