Recognition of prior learning and skills

At TasTAFE we believe that the things you already know how to do should be formally recognised.

Whether it be a hobby, the work you currently do, a volunteer role, or even a family or sporting club commitment, over the course of your life you’ll have gathered a wide range of skills, knowledge and experiences.

What gets recognised?

When you apply to enrol at TasTAFE you can ask for recognition of:

  • schooling
  • formal/informal learning
  • life experience/s
  • employment/work experience

You may be able to apply for credit transfer for units that you have successfully completed previously or with another training organisation.

Please note: Recognition is awarded for a whole unit of competency. Partial recognition will not be awarded. It is also possible to apply for credit for TasTAFE subjects if you decide to study at university.

What sort of evidence is needed?

Evidence of your skills and knowledge can be taken from a range of sources including:

  • accredited courses
  • in-house training
  • work records
  • computer records
  • life experience
  • work experience

We can help you gather this information, as well as suggest other relevant sources of evidence you may not have considered.

How do I show my experience?

Types of evidence can be presented in the form of:

  • assignments
  • references
  • testimonials
  • work diary
  • certificates
  • practical demonstrations
  • interviews

The recognition process

At TasTAFE, we aim to provide a recognition process that, as far as possible, is streamlined, individualised, holistic and task-based.

The recognition process may include, but is not limited to:

  • competency conversations
  • observation of practical tasks
  • observation of performance in the workplace and/or simulated workplace environment
  • provision of workplace documentation related to unit requirements

For further information about recognition of prior learning and skills, or to apply for Recognition, please contact your teacher or Client Services staff at your local campus.

Did you know…

Many people who are currently in the workforce or are thinking about returning to work don’t have a qualification that matches their current level of skill or experience.

Having a qualification can help you to:

  • enter or re-enter the workforce
  • change careers
  • get a promotion
  • improve your job security
  • gain a qualification you can be proud of!

The benefits of being assessed for recognition of prior learning and skills include:

  • only doing the training you need to do
  • saving time and money by not attending unnecessary classes
  • gaining a nationally recognised qualification
  • getting into the workforce sooner than you might have thought

Recognition Brochure