Workforce Development

Workforce Development

Does your business need trained team members – people who know how to do the job so that your business can increase productivity, customer service and profits in a rapidly changing dynamic?

In today’s environment, you can’t afford to have people on the team who don’t have training and skills to help your business go forward.  On the other hand, in today’s environment, potential employees are recruiting you just as much as you are them.

We know that recruitment and retention is a problem for many businesses and we know that in today’s business environment, managers and owners need to consider ways to keep the good staff that they have or plan for what staff they need in the future.  Best practice reflects in the staff that you have.  Best practice is achieved by working with your team.  Best practice is good business.

Managers are often limited in what they can do to offer incentives for good staff to stay with the company.  They have to balance the profit ratio, they need to make sure that people can do the job they are paid for and they have to make sure that customers/suppliers are happy – all the while planning next phase of business growth or development.

A key way that managers can motivate good staff to greater productivity or retention is a workforce plan.  A workforce plan helps you, the business and your team see how the human resources aligns to the business targets, including how to develop into the future.

Some of the programs offered by TasTAFE that can help your business are:

  • Apprenticeships
  • Industry specific skill sets
  • Licensing, including Continuing Professional Development
  • Updating technical skills
  • Customer service
  • Leadership and Management
  • Financial management
  • Events management
  • Project Management
  • Work Health and Safety


Our Business Development Consultants are ready to talk to you about your business, assist in your workforce development plan and coordinate training for your workforce today!

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