Education Architecture

Improving access to quality VET by connecting TasTAFE to communities


  • As the largest Registered Training Organisation in the state, TasTAFE continues to be a major contributor to the ongoing economic and social prosperity of Tasmania
  • Tasmania’s economy is changing – shifting from traditional to new and emerging industries coupled with an ageing population
  • It is critical that TasTAFE is able to adapt and predict the future training needs of students, the community and industry – to provide the skills and knowledge required in order to create rewarding and sustainable futures for all Tasmanians.

moving from Good to Great

  • TasTAFE’s Corporate Plan 2016-2019 is titled ‘moving from Good to Great’
  • Inherent in moving from Good to Great is the need for a significant transformation of how we plan and utilise our resources to best focus on the needs of our current and future students as well as our stakeholders
  • To drive this transformation, TasTAFE will undertake 2 key projects:
    • One TAFE One TEAM – culture transformation
    • Education Architecture – educational change.

Education Architecture

  • Following the development of the TasTAFE Education Blueprint, the Education Architecture project will help realise the vision of moving from Good to Great – TasTAFE is recognised as a great provider of VET and is the first choice for Tasmanians seeking access to contemporary vocational skills development
  •  The project will focus on providing a great student experience and key to this will be developing and nurturing collaborative partnerships with industry, employers, schools and communities
  • Central to the project is an extensive series of community consultations – we want to connect with as many people/organisations as possible to help us understand what students, communities and industry need in the way of VET and broader learning requirements
  • Following the consultation phase of the project, a series of implementation recommendations will be made ensuring integration into moving from Good to Great
  • As a result of the project, TasTAFE will have an Education Architecture that will provide greater access to our products and services regardless of physical location, learning style and capability.

Education Architecture Update

Phase 2 of the TasTAFE Education Architecture project commenced in September 2016 with the primary focus of this phase involving a series of community consultations throughout 10 identified regions. The aim of these sessions was to provide TasTAFE with an evidence base with which to develop the what, where and how its programs will be delivered in the future. The formal consultation phase has now concluded, however many have identified opportunities for further discussions between TasTAFE and key stakeholders – these meetings will continue as required.

Initial feedback from the consultations has been extremely positive with a strong appetite from all stakeholders to work with TasTAFE to ensure we achieve the project objectives:
1. Optimise TasTAFE owned physical assets and expand the network of shared delivery sites to ensure increased delivery in all regions across Tasmania using a range of methodologies and technologies
2. Work actively with partners and stakeholders to deliver across all of Tasmania according to industry, community and individual needs

A final report is currently being drafted which will outline the findings from Phase 2 as well recommended actions for implementation as part of Phase 3. The initial findings, which will be outlined in greater detail in the final report include:

  • Recognition of the importance of training – for the individual, business and the community
  • Positivity around the TasTAFE brand
  • Local delivery, where possible, is preferable
  • The need for a more flexible approach to training delivery – how, when and where
  • One size does not fit all
  • Stronger industry and community partnerships
  • Clear and consistent messaging is vital
  • Increase awareness of TasTAFE

TasTAFE would like to thank everyone who has contributed to Phase 2 of the Education Architecture project.

Your feedback, comments and advice will shape the findings of the final report and will assist TasTAFE to create an education architecture for Tasmania that will focus upon excellence in skills development and provide access to all Tasmanians, regardless of where they live and work.

If you would like to provide further feedback or organise to discuss the project further, please contact the project team via email on

Education Architecture Fast Facts

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