DigiLabs are here!

DigiLabs are situated in the libraries in Campbell Street, Alanvale and Burnie to help improve digital literacy skills.

Come along and have a play with the technology and embark on a digital learning journey.  Experience Virtual Environments and see how this can help your learning.  Use 3D printers and scanners to make your creative dreams come to life.  See how easy it is to program a robot and watch as new technology is added to enhance your learning experience. The spaces will not only contain fun technology, but will give you the chance to explore:

  • Cloud computing and storage e.g. how to use Evernote, Drop Box, Google Drive, Onedrive, office 365
  • Basic office computing e.g. how to save and locate files; how to use Outlook, Word, Publisher and Excel
  • Mobile devices and apps e.g. how to use Apple and Android devices; how to search, download and use apps
  •  New technologies e.g. how to use 3D printer and scanners; their application to VET teaching areas
  • Coding e.g. how to program robots
  • Social media e.g. identify common social media platforms and their applications; how to reduce social isolation; how to develop a professional online presence and stay safe online
  • Developing an ICT mindset e.g. building confidence levels; becoming adaptive to continual change in ICT developments; improving ICT problem solving and troubleshooting abilities.