Welcome to TasTAFE’s Scholarship program

TasTAFE offers a range of scholarships that provide financial assistance to help individuals further their education.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to access quality, affordable training that will enable them to achieve their career goals, but for many Tasmanians it can be financially challenging.

Whether preparing for employment, seeking to gain a promotion or looking to change careers, TasTAFE and our scholarship partners can help you achieve your career goals.

TasTAFE scholarships are awarded to assist with fees and related course expenses. Click here to view our scholarship recipients.

Industry Scholarships

TasTAFE in partnership with industry offers a range of scholarships. We are excited to announce a new scholarship opportunity, the RH Purden and NP Saunders – Metal Industry Tasmania Scholarship for metals apprentices. APPLY NOW!

Available Scholarships

Access and equity based scholarships

These will be awarded to students who can demonstrate a genuine interest in and commitment to their chosen career.  They will need to identify themselves with one of the following:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Scholarships

The scholarship is designed to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students who face significant challenges that may prevent them from achieving their educational goals.

Eligibility to access Tasmanian Government Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander programs and services apply for this scholarship.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander scholarships are for Diploma and Advanced Diploma level qualifications.  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people enrolling in Certificate I – IV TasTAFE courses should contact the Aboriginal Training Programs team to determine their eligibility if seeking any financial support.

Equity Scholarships

Students applying must have overcome personal and/or educational disadvantage to achieve their current educational standing. Students must have demonstrated outstanding accomplishment or engagement in all areas of study, including their on-the-job performance, community involvement or work placement (if applicable).

Merit based Scholarships

These will be awarded to students who can demonstrate that they will excel in their chosen area of study.

Please ensure you have read the FAQs below before applying
These will advise how the scholarship process works and the information you will be required to submit during your online application.


When is the application period?

Who can apply for scholarships?

Are international students able to apply for scholarships?

Can I apply for more than one scholarship?

How are TasTAFE scholarships managed?

In what areas are scholarships awarded?

What qualifications levels are included in the TasTAFE Scholarship Program?

What selection criteria are used to grant scholarships?

Are there any other requirements when applying for a scholarship?

How are scholarship applications assessed?

When will I be notified of the outcome of my application?

What happens if I am awarded a scholarship?

Can I defer a scholarship offer?

How can I use my scholarship?

What happens if I want to transfer to another course during the scholarship period?

Are there any other requirements of me if I am successful in being awarded a scholarship?

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