Built Environment

Built Environment and Engineering

No matter where you are in life, or what study or career goals you may have for your future, TasTAFE has a qualification or training program that is right for you!

If you are looking for a career with a big future and you like problem-solving and improving things… the built environment or engineering industry is for you!

Built Environment

The Built Environment consists of all aspects of our daily lives, whether it be the buildings we reside live, work or play in, the roads and bridges we drive over or the community that we interact with.  It is the product of human endeavour that combines physical elements and energy in forms for living.

The Built environment team at TasTAFE deliver education and training opportunities in the areas of Town Planning, Building Design, Engineering, Drafting, Construction Management and Building Surveying.  This encompasses the gamut of the technical and paraprofessional roles directly related to the built environment.

The courses we deliver have a strong focus on industry relevance. Our programs have been developed in consultation with key stakeholders in the sector. Strong links with industry within our built environment programs ensure that students gain a practical understanding of the latest industry innovations, such as BIM, as well as accepted codes and practices and the ability to interpret the appropriate documentation and regulations.

We currently deliver flexible eLearning courses for a diverse range of client groups.  These range from Certificate IV to Advanced Diploma level.  The major client groups served are the construction industry, building surveyors (public and private), local government and the building design industry.

The delivery strategies used by the team include on-line delivery and assessment, traditional face-to-face classes, tutorials and on-the-job assessment.  The team also provides specialist cost recovery courses on request.


Engineers harness science and technology in order to explain and enhance everyday life, and design, create and improve systems and machinery used for domestic, public and industrial purposes.

Almost every aspect of our lives has somehow been influenced by an engineer including the water we drink, the food we eat, the buildings we live, learn and work in, the products created in factories that we consume and the appliances and vehicles that make our lives more efficient and comfortable.

A TasTAFE course in Engineering can provide you with a foundation in science, CAD and the problem-solving skills to design, create and improve systems in a diverse range of sectors.

TasTAFE has a partnership with the University of Tasmania (UTAS) where engineering units are delivered at TasTAFE to both UTAS and TasTAFE students. There are also units delivered at UTAS for the same group of students. This partnership gives students credit into UTAS courses and TasTAFE qualifications simultaneously.

Employment opportunities range from civil and mechanical engineering to drafting and design, either in the office/workshop or in the field.

“I’ve always wanted to study engineering. I’m not ready to go to Uni just yet, so this course is perfect as a mainstream bridging course” – Hugh, Diploma of Mechanical Engineering

Engineering – Hugh

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