Love machinery and technology? Satisfied when you fix something? Intrigued by computers and scan tools?

The automotive industry offers exciting opportunities for enthusiastic and skilled workers. If you’re interested in changing technologies, enjoy practical skills and like problem solving, then a career in this sector could be for you.

Most of your time will be spent with tools in your hands working on all kinds of road transport vehicles, agricultural and earth moving equipment or machinery. In today’s modern automotive workplace, you’ll also spend some of your time using a computer or diagnostic scan tool – you’ll need to look at service schedules and repair guides to work out how to solve problems with a wide variety of vehicles and machinery.

Undertaking a qualification with TasTAFE in Automotive will pave the way for you to seek employment as a tradesperson in areas such as light vehicle technician, heavy vehicle technician, motorcycle technician, automotive electrical technician, and outdoor power equipment mechanic. The automotive sector is changing at a fast pace and there are interesting and exciting career options in this technology driven industry.

We can help you gain the skills you need to complete a short course, nationally recognised skill set, apprenticeship or traineeship. Your qualification will be transferable, which means you’ll be able to seek work in a wide range of businesses right across Australia. What are you waiting for?

“The course was great. I liked pretty much everything about it. It was a good place to be and I really liked working at the Trade Training Centre. We were able to work on real engines and the equipment was really good,” – Chris, Certificate II in Automotive

Automotive – Career in Automotive industry the goal for Chris

“It never fussed me that I’m the only girl, I just enjoyed being in class and learnt heaps” – Emma, Certificate II in Automotive

Automotive – Emma

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