Aboriginal Training Programs

Aboriginal VET Officers

Aboriginal VET Officers are available in all regions to provide support, advice and fee assistance to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders who wish to enrol or are already enrolled in courses at TasTAFE.

Assistance includes:

  • General student support, assistance and/or advice
  • Return to study skills
  • Mainstream course information and enrolments .
  • Advice and assistance with Resumes and/or Applications for Employment
  • Referrals regarding financial assistance, accommodation, transport, child care, etc.
  • individual fee assistance for mainstream students
  • Arranging Tutorial support for mainstream Aboriginal Students
  • No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS)
  • Negotiating training for Aboriginal groups/organisations
  • Assisting students to determine career pathways
  • Assisting students to develop learning plans for their career pathway
  • Advice/Referrals to Aboriginal specific Programs/Services

If you are thinking of returning to study, we can help explore your options and then find the course that meets your needs.

*All references to Aboriginal also include Torres Strait Islanders

“I didn’t finish Year 11 or 12 but I’m now involved in an Indigenous Youth Leadership Program. I want to aim big and be a role model for my daughter, so I came to TasTAFE to improve my skills, knowledge and writing skills.” – Latenzia, Return to Study Program

Aboriginal Training Programs – Latenzia

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