Horticulture and CLM

Short Courses covering Weeds, Pests and Diseases Management

These courses will benefit spray contractors, care groups, local government employees, land managers and anyone working in weed control, or pests diseases and disorders control.

Weeds Course:
This course includes the following:

  • Recognition of common weeds
  • Integrated pest management
  • Find out about various treatment methods and application techniques
  • How weeds spread and reproduce
  • Why are they so successful?

Pests and Diseases Course:
This course includes the following:

  • Recognition of common pests and diseases
  • Integrated pest management including biological, cultural and chemical control
  • Vertebrate pests
  • Insects, their method of attack and impact
  • Fungal, bacterial and viral diseases
  • Non-pathogenic diseases

Weeds Course covers:

  • AHCPMG201  Treat Weeds  (Certificate II Level)
  • AHCPMG301 Control Weeds  (Certificate III Level)

Pests, Diseases and Disorders Course covers:

  • AHCPMG202  Treat plant pests, diseases and disorders   (Certificate II Level)
  • AHCPMG302  Control plant pests, diseases and disorders  (Certificate III Level)

Due to DPIPWE’s requirements for Spray Operators, employee’s of businesses usually complete the Certificate II level units and owner operators complete the Certificate III level units along with the two units within the ChemCert (Keep Safe – Be Chemically Aware) course.

Location, dates and times

Clarence Campus

1 day Weeds Workshop

  • To be advised

2 day Pests, Diseases and Disorders Workshop

  • To be advised

Alanvale campus

2 day Weeds Workshop

  • To be advised

2 day Pests, Diseases and Disorders Workshop

  • To be advised

Burnie Campus

1 day Weeds Workshop

  • To be advised

1 day Pests, Diseases and Disorders Workshop

  • To be advised

Learning Options

Participants attend a 1-2 day face to face workshop that covers both theory and practical.  The workshop includes a combination of the following learning activities:

  • Trainer led theory sessions
  • Practical activities
  • DVDs and Videos
  • Demonstrations

Assessment Process

Assessments are designed to help you demonstrate your skills and knowledge. They allow us to confirm you can perform to the standard required in the workplace, to meet all of the requirements of the course.

Assessment occurs through a written assessment and observation of practical tasks either towards the end of the course or within the workplace at a mutually agreed time.

Recognition of Prior Learning

It makes sense that you should be recognised for the things you already know how to do. TasTAFE can assess your skills and knowledge based on your previous education, work history or life experience. This may help you gain your qualification a whole lot faster.

For further details please refer to our Recognition of Prior Learning page.

Fees and Payments

2020:  $317 per unit.    A concession rate is not available for this course.

For further fee and payment information visit our Fees and Payment page.


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Student Support

TasTAFE’s enrolment and orientation process provides information about our resources, services and support. Further details relating to Student Support Services are available at our Student Support Services page.


Statement of Attainment for the unit/s once successfully completed.



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