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Short Course / Skill Set Great Customer Experience

A Short Course/Skill Set for Hospitality and Tourism Professionals

Great products together with great service is what a great customer experience is all about! Make sure that the service you provide to customers is on point and meets their expectations and needs. When customers experience great service they tell others and they want to come back again and again.

The Great Customer Experience Short Course will provide staff with everything that they need to know and do to be able to respond to customer needs, including the needs of customers from diverse cultural backgrounds. This will include learning about what great service looks like; why it is so important; getting to know what customers expect; learning how to come back from the occasional slip up; and leaving your customers with a positive impression of you and the business. The course also includes the unit SITHFAB002 Provide responsible service of alcohol.

If you are an operator outside of our metropolitan areas then you will be delighted to know that we are able to offer this course in a flexible way to suit your business and staff. We can also offer you this if you are in one of our cities. Delivering to your whole team on site enables us to use polices and business practices as part of the training so that it is directly relevant to your business and your team. If you are a much smaller business then we can work with you and other small businesses in your region, to organise training for multiple businesses in your community.

Career Opportunities

Professionals in tourism and hospitality need exceptional customer services skills to ensure that they are able to meet the expectations of their customers. This course is designed to provide a good understanding of what customers expect and how to provide it. It will be highly beneficial for any staff who are customer facing and will assist all staff to prepare for roles with more responsibilities for customer service.

Dates and Times

This short course is being offered to tourism and hospitality businesses and dates and times will be planned on the basis of needs and requests.

This course will be delivered either on site at the business or on one of our Drysdale Campuses in Hobart, Launceston or Devonport. It can also be delivered at other locations if there is demand.

Suitability and Selection
If you are working in the industry you will gain direct entry to this course.


The duration of this course is determined by the needs of the business or participants. Generally the course is delivered over 2-3 sessions and with other support and learning resources. Duration and delivery will depend on the needs of the business.

Learning Options

Learning will include the following options;

  • Workshops and practical learning sessions
  • Guest speakers
  • Visits to tourism and hospitality venues
  • Online learning and communication tools
  • Individual support and coaching

Assessment Process

This is a practical course and therefore assessment will focus on your ability to demonstrate the skills required to provide customer service in a hospitality or tourism business context.  Assessment will include;

  • Practical assessment in your business
  • Written and online tasks to assess your knowledge
  • Development of workplace documents


You are able to have your current skills and knowledge formally recognised.  This can occur through demonstration of skills or provision of other evidence that might include past work experience, previous training and education or other evidence.
If you believe that you have some of the required skills and knowledge then let us know and we will support you to apply for recognition of prior learning.

Resources and Equipment

There are no special requirements for this course.  All other equipment and resources will be provided to you as part of the course.

Fees and Payments

  • Skills Sets (multiple units):  $50.00 per Skill Set
  • Single Units:  $10.00 per units


Some of the units have pre-requisites as follows. We will work out what you need to complete with you.

  • SITHFAB014 – Provide table service of food and beverage
    • SITHFAB002 – Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol
    • SITXFSA001 Use Hygienic Practices for Food Safety
  • SITHFAB003 – Operate a bar
    • SITHFAB002 – Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol
    • SITXFSA001 Use Hygienic Practices for Food Safety
  • SITHFAB005 – Prepare and serve Espresso Coffee
    • SITXFSA001 Use Hygienic Practices for Food Safety

Skill Set Requirements

To gain the Great Customer Experience Skill Set you will need to complete some core units and can also select from some elective or optional units to add on.

There is also an Urban Stream and a Regional Stream to select from.


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